Soho High Heels ads

These ads are glorious. I’m not sure if “Soho” is the brand or the distributor, and the website doesn’t make it any clearer; nor do Internet search results that show either possibility could be the answer.

Soho Lab sandals
Soho Lab sandals

There’s a Soho Lab brand of shoes, a Skechers offspring, and any fool can see they are not as high-quality as the heels in the ads. My momma didn’t raise no fool, though for $50.00 a pair of Soho Lab sandals doesn’t exactly make me feel nauseated.

Back to the ads, and the reason I created an entry for them: It’s about being tall enough to walk in the clouds. Have you ever been up there? So high up a mountain clouds swirl and shift like great veils all around you? When I was a child I visited places that put me there. I’d get out of the car and look down the side of the road, seeing nothing but a thick blanket of graying white hiding the plummeting distance to the ground below.

I’ve never been afraid of heights, much to my parents’ occasional chagrin. It’s something slightly less than a miracle that the things I did back then to get that rush of height didn’t get me killed… but as someone with an inner giantess, I can’t help but enjoy the visual treat of what would be a fatal trek to the ground.

Biondini high heels
Biondini high heels

I have wanted to collage images like these ads, except mine would have shown legs from the ankles up.

Back to shoes! Because of my great command of the German language (read: Google translator) I was able to ascertain that the Soho website promotes various brands of shoes, among them Biondini. I want them. I want these pavement crackers. I just need to move to Europe, where most of the beautiful shoes live.

I know it’s much too soon to end this thrilling shoe discussion, but the time has come to do so. I will leave with one last thought: Be very grateful I’m not a giantess in the real world, for if I was, I’m afraid that as kind and gentle as I would be most of the time, I would commandeer legions of workers to build colossal shoes for my feet.

* * *

Advertising Agency: Wirz/BBDO, Switzerland
Creative Director: Matthias Freuler
Art Directors: Kim Sokola, Rahel Boesinger
Retoucher: Daniel Bracher

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