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"Shrunk-104c" by The Shrinkee
"Shrunk-104c" by The Shrinkee

A few days ago there was a tiny black ant creeping on my DVD player’s remote control. I had placed the latter next to my keyboard when I spotted the little thing carrying a crumb. I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to flick it off to the floor. I did, but all I accomplished was to wrench the crumb from its grip.

I sat here, looking down at this insect which stood in exactly the same spot after my giant finger had slashed the air before it, and I realized I had only moved it close enough to take away its food. My mind, being what it is, had a lovely time picturing a shrunken man standing there, dumbfounded, after I do the very same thing to his food.

“Hey! What did you do that for?”

“I’ve told you before, dear: no food near the Mac.”

“But it was just a little crumb! I was gonna sit here on the remote, and watch you work while I ate my snack.”

“Rules are rules, little one.”

“But you could have hurt me! Your finger almost hit me! What if it had been me flying off the edge of the desk, and not my crumb?”

“I didn’t hit you.”

“You could have missed!”

“I never miss.”


And then he gives up, because I’ve already resumed my typing, my mind drifting to giant thoughts. He knows the power of accuracy, of physical dexterity when dealing with small objects is like a drug to me, and displaying it to him, making him feel how much taller I am than him with the simplicity of a finger speeding past him like a bus gives me such a high.

Sigh. Back to reality, I did experience an exquisite buzz when I saw what I had done, and imagined the above. And typed the above. And imagined typing the above. And….

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  1. Dialogue was awesome.i wanted to be a shrunken man like him in your house and i wanna live according to your rules.i wanna be nourished with eating crumbs on the floor.i wanna travel around like an ant on the floor under your feet in your house.I wanna live with afraid of be crushed under your foot like him who want to eat near the mac in summarize i wanna be a little one in your home after i read maybe if i was a tiny man in your house,life may be difficult for me but although all of difficulties,it’s awesome for me.


    1. Hello msg,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the dialogue. I had fun writing it.

      This is something you don’t make a habit of doing, but it’s important enough to mention, as I haven’t made it clear before: Comments directed at me personally as a character or participant in conjunction with the reader regarding these fantasies are not acceptable in this blog, or in any other way.

      I think it’s wonderful that because of the Internet we are able to share our thoughts with other people that feel in similar ways as we do, but there’s a big difference between the conversational tone of blog posts and comments, and stating the same as wishes connected with a blog author.



  2. Hello Undersquid

    I read your warning.I’m really so sorry about that.I hope,i didn’t make you very angry:) you can be sure,anymore i’ll be more careful ;)


    1. No warning, just a clarification. :)

      No anger either. I hope the day anything angering that has to do with this blog takes place in a very, very distant future.


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