Telia ads

I found these ads at Ads of the World as I have found others. While the existence of an ad doesn’t mean it was ever put to publicity use, it’s still nice to see that in many places there are creative people thinking about these things, and seeing potential in the visual message of size differences.

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Advertising Agency: Storåkers McCann, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Directors / Copywriters: Jonas Frank, Sofia Ekelund
Photographer: Petrus Olsson, Adamsky
Published: April 2009

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  1. I liked the stock market ad as the small people were all men. I’m not sure of the advertiser’s intent however: did s/he wish to reflect a male dominated industry? The news ad had one (maybe two) women and the facebook ad had several. I get the feeling that women are great to represent in social contexts, but less ideally represented in mover and shaker contexts. In a world of normal proportions this would be passe at best, and presumably one could come to the conclusion that the artist was an old boy.
    On the other hand, the ratio of female giants to male, two to one, might just indicate a visionary woman throwing in a token big guy just to be politically correct. It seems you can’t just go shrinking exclusively men in a run of advertisements. I’m assuming of course the three ads were the total available sample, I’ll get around to seeing for myself eventually.


  2. Hi Petronius,

    I asked myself the same when I saw the ads. If I see size as created distance made accessible by the service advertised, then the stock market ad does seem antiquated; but she’s also dressed as a business woman, so in that single dimension intended by the ad, she’s more than the sum of their parts. Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    I’m also inclined to think that the two-to-one ratio you mention creates a proper balance, one that distances itself from what I saw when growing up, which would have not very decisively connected women to stocks or news. The three ads were all I saw, and I didn’t look for any more, as I’ve seen that Ads of the World tends to post them in sets of two or three.


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