The ABCs Game – A is for Amazon

“Lost-city2” by Marcos Snowbell

A is for Amazon, the tallest woman found in reality, one we can see with our eyes, and not only our imagination. Her height gives her power, and she not only accepts it, she embraces and utilizes it fully with every pounding step she takes.

Wherever she goes, she draws eyes, some in shock, fear, or lack of acceptance, but others in admiration of the heels that carry her, the shape she possesses, the intelligent light in her eyes, the smile that dazzles just a bit brighter when she returns your astonished gaze in that amused way that tells you she knows what you are thinking, because she sees everything from up there.

Amazon is also that giantess warrior, the immeasurably tall woman that I see in myself or in my mind when I think about stories of legendary, mythical beings armed with metal and fire, or with the thick tropical trees and well-hidden tribes that have sworn to serve her in peace, but at war she rises in courage and height to protect those she loves, those living creatures under her wide-spanning care.

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  1. She is. :) What initially caught my eye about Marcos Snowbell’s work was his buildings. He really does (did?) splendid work.


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