Samsung MP3 Player ads

These ads are disappointing in various ways:

1. The female presence is sorely lacking. What’s the meaning of that, Samsung people? Don’t you know I now begin to feel the want for an MP3 player, and because you didn’t have the foresight to include a womanly ear in which to place your little guys, I will dream of spending my money on a different brand? Agonize over that.

2. The uninteresting match between listener and music. Only a well-dressed guy listens to opera; the man with the inverted cap and bling must certainly be listening to rap, and the cliché sideburns belong to the Elvis fan. Boring, and absurd. Again, Samsung, weep as I plan to spend vast amounts of money on another player.

3. The little performers are slightly amorphous, with large heads that reach within the realm of caricature. Don’t you Samsung fellas realize that a well-proportioned little man would have done wonders to facilitate my fetishist thoughts desire to try your product?

Still, these ads are appointing in that they do show little guys thrusting their tiny heads into much larger orifices. Behold the great stretching of my imagination as I unfold it like a carpet upon the wasteland of their advertising failure. :lol:

* * *

Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, Korea
Creative Director: Joungrack Lee
Art Director: Jaewon Choi
Photographer: Junghoe Kim
Published: February 2008

4 thoughts on “Samsung MP3 Player ads

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  1. I’m happy with Sansa’s SanDisk products. They’re neither expensive nor pretentious. Mind you there were no ads involved in my the decision. I just wanted something that worked with DRM software so I could “borrow” MP3 files from my library. I get the impression you’re a Mac user though so that may be irrelevant.
    I’m also not crazy about the way they’re just hovering there, Lots of rock stars are good at striking poses. Any macho rock god would be able to work with even a single gold hoop.


    1. Hi Petronius,

      I am a Mac user, and in reality I also go through a buying process for it (or anything) that has nothing to do with commercials. This entry is a somewhat concealed nod to every time I’ve seen similar comments at the boards, about ads that “should have been a certain way”, and commercials that “would have been great” if only certain aspects of them would have been different.

      Although I make it a point to never base purchases on the type of ads a product boasts, months ago I did buy a bag of Lays chips after watching the commercials with a tiny man in them.

      The hovering is a bit bizarre, and I’ve always pictured shrunken men sitting comfortably on the ledge formed by the outer ear’s structure.


  2. Hey!

    You’re right about the lack of female presence. When will they ever learn that no one wants to see men! I’m sure you agree. :-)

    Anyway, I’ve tried my best to correct this. After half an hour of searching for a picture of a man, shown from behind, his full body, not standing on something, in the correct pose, I gave up and just did my own thing!


    1. Hey!

      No. :)

      They did get the little ones’ gender right, after all. Oh, and as you can see, it takes an obscene amount of time to find elements that match as you want them to for a collage.

      You came up with a cute composition! In my mind, the little guy is more likely to adopt that pose, of sitting down, than that floating we see in the ads.


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