Vanart commercial

Last night, instead of going to sleep, I went to my blog’s admin area and inspected the terms visitors used to find my blog. Doing that causes me to do my own searches every once in a while, just to see what comes up under the blanket of certain terms. Last night I thought to use the keywords “mujer gigante”, and a link to this commercial was probably the third result.

I think it’s great, and not because it includes a giantess. Well, not only because it does. Here are the other reasons:

1. The size of the giantess is one I thought of for myself many times.

2. There are no other women in this commercial. Not that there’s anything wrong with other women… but seeing one tall woman in a city that seems to be populated only by comparatively little men does wonders to create a relationship between the commercial and what I often imagine.

3. I like it when she whirls in place and her hair creates wind. Again, that moment patterns itself after effects I’ve often pictured I create.

4. I like every second of the giantess’ interaction with the “main” little man. I absolutely love his reactions to what she does. His initial shock, his smile, and the rest of it.

5. He’s wearing sandals that allow a quick glimpse of his toes. I’m the only woman in the universe that cares about that, I know.

6. Her delightful expression of mischief when she takes part of his home for her own use. That look she gives him, that tells him, “Aww, little one; that’s right, I’m taking this, and there isn’t anything you can do to stop me.”

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  1. Maybe this commercial is not bad but according to me, the Lee Dungarees commercial is much better than it Natalia Adarvez is playing in this commercial.girl who in vanart commercial is not too cute but Natalia Adarvez is too cute and sympathetic.You are a woman because of that maybe you don’t care but to watch her beauty is excellent for me especially i admire that scene,she crushes a car and when she feel that,her face’s shape and reactions are wonderful and she’s scraping car from under her foot and little man date with giantess natalia in that advertisement,that scene also wonderful too.


    1. I remember that Lee Dungarees commercial, and remember the reaction it caused very well. Some people made it kinda hard to forget, actually. :lol:

      You are right in that I don’t particularly go out of my way to notice the degree of beauty in commercial actors, but it’s always nice to see them well matched in looks, both male and female actors.


    1. Thank you for the link, Pedro!

      I think there’s a huge amount of giantess / shrunken men material I haven’t come across as well, and discovering the kind of media that suits my taste is part of what makes blogging fun.


  2. Undersquid, I never thought of looking on the Youtubes for giantess clips. Shows what I’m missing…..

    The Vanart clip led to some others. Some of them have a huuuuge number of views, for example, one of Maxcat’s compilation videos had more than 340,000. There seems to be a lot more of our people than I thought.

    It’s too bad the Buddy Lee thing turned into such a gong show. That had the makings of an epic series.


    1. There are a lot more giantess and shrinking fans than we thought, or they like to watch certain clips over and over again. Frankly, I don’t see why the latter would take place, so it must be the former. :P

      I agree. I would have liked to see a set of commercials that concluded with a wedding between the giantess and the man. That would have been lovely. Impossible, but lovely.


  3. In lee dungarees commercial one of the most beautiful things was pretty woman music and as i wrote before car crush scene which she crushes a car and when she feel that,her face’s shape and reactions are wonderful and she’s scraping car from under her foot.Actually i love to see a tiny driver and his tiny car with a giantess,i wanna see a entry about that with dialogue between woman and tiny man who has his car.Undersquid,If you prepare it,i’ll be very happy.


    1. Hmm… I don’t have anything like that in the works, msg. It does sound like a fun scenario, but at the moment there are a million other things on my giant to-do list on the stories and scenes I want to write.

      If I decide to make a change, of course my readers will be the first to know! :)


  4. Cool commercial. I enjoyed the gentle, yet playful nature of the giantess, especially when she whirls in place and combs her hair with a fence. :)


    1. That’s something that always tickles my giant bone, thinking about being that size and “making do” with whatever I find around me to suit my colossal hair-brushing (or any other) needs. And what’s even better is imagining the little ones’ protests as I make mine their tiny possessions.


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