Two Words

Well, you'd think that copying and pasting a few paragraphs would make posting these every Wednesday a bit easier. As it turns out, there's an insane level of busy that doesn't permit such simple blogging maneuvers. These two words were provided as part of the game by a giantess community member by the name of... Continue Reading →


How's it going? Are you having a nice weekend? Good, that's wonderful. I wanted to bring something up. When I became an adult I made the decision to never kiss and tell. Even before I was very unlikely to give details about my love life. It doesn't matter who wants to know: my mom, my... Continue Reading →

The ABCs Game – D is for Dollhouse

D is for Dollhouse, the little place I build and furnish in the land of my imagination, and have begun to do so in real life as well. A tiny home for a tiny man, it's a place with miniature rooms, fixtures, bed, dressers, books, pots, and pans; everything with a design faithful to the... Continue Reading →

NSF International "Mini Protectors" ads I found these yesterday, and what woman wouldn't love the idea of little ones in public service, protecting those things she needs throughout her daily life? This is a neat set of ads that also answers that age-old question: What careers would extremely small shrunken men be able to choose to earn a paycheck?... Continue Reading →

Two Words

It's a game. I used to play it at my old blog in the way of entries, and at my favorite board as a thread. Possibly at other, conventional boards too, but if asked which ones I will deny it emphatically. It's certainly not a new idea, but back then I had not seen it... Continue Reading →

The ABCs Game – C is for City

I wanted to write something new, as well as create a new collage for this weekend's ABC's game entry. I didn't have the time to do either, so it'll have to keep. I'm happy with the way I think it will look, but in the meantime, I'll recycle a spectacular dream I had and shared... Continue Reading →

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