Two Words

It’s a game. I used to play it at my old blog in the way of entries, and at my favorite board as a thread. Possibly at other, conventional boards too, but if asked which ones I will deny it emphatically.

It’s certainly not a new idea, but back then I had not seen it done at giantess boards, and it (they, because it happened more than once) got a lot of participation that showed an intense level of creativity on the members’ part, and well-known authors in the community made it amazing to read.

I thought I’d publish one game entry here every Wednesday, until I run out. The first post described the rules, which were fairly straightforward (no collages will be included, just for variety… unless I happen to have something fitting at hand):

  • Describe a short scene using the two words (verbs, nouns, whatever) the previous member has provided for you.
  • You must use the two words that you are given in the previous post. A coherent manner is appreciated , and even better if silly and funny.
  • Make your scene as short as you wish, but it has to be about the reason we all are members of this board. I’d say the shorter it is, the cleverer it needs to be.
  • Don’t make it too long. I’d say no more than 200 words, but I ain’t gonna fuss at you if it goes over that a bit.
  • Leave two words (no more, no less) for the next member to use. Don’t make them too easy. Example: I give myself the words sock, and antenna.

Sock, Antenna

On Christmas morning he woke up excited to see what she had gotten for him this year. He jumped out of bed and ran downstairs, turning around the hallway corner that led him to his living room. He could not help but smile and shake his head when he saw that she had filled a red sock of hers with his gifts, instead of using the stocking that hung empty from his chimney.

He moved along the side of the sock toward its opening, and jumped in alarm when a whirring noise came out of it, the stretchy fabric rippling as something moved underneath for a moment, and then stopped. Curious to discover his first present and the source of the noise, he leaned closer, and shrieked as a huge insect came to life and walked out of the sock toward him, emitting terrifying sounds.

Staggering backwards, he shouted, “Turn it off! NOW!” and from outside his home he heard the thundering ripple of her amused giggles as the remote-control bug’s glowing eyes went dark, and each antenna and leg stopped moving.

* * *

Hmm… maybe when I run out of entries I’ll threaten ask my gentle readers if they would like to provide me with two words for each weekly entry. Nothing like a challenge to give me an excuse to write, although no word ever proved difficult for me to use in a vignette, given the extraordinary size of my brain. :lol:

(Which should make it easy for me to stop using the word “thundering” in nearly everything I write, goodness gracious.)

2 thoughts on “Two Words

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  1. What a great game. I’ve frequented many an internet-forum and have never come across it.

    You’ll want to be careful requesting word suggestions from the general readership. You’re sure to get plenty of “I suggest Vore and Stomp”, if I know the giantess culture. :-)

    I just did a quick search of your blog and could only find ‘thundering’ a total of three times! Where are these additional writings, huh? :-)


  2. Thank you Pedro. I was checking yesterday, and the boards where I started the game have now shut down. Actually, both were the same board that keeps shutting down and reopening (sometimes with a different name) every few years.

    One of my specialties* as a “giantess” is to assist others in realizing sometimes they must be careful when they wish for something, because they might get it. That would come in handy if I’m provided with overused words. :D

    I’d be fine with “vore” and “stomp”, but you bring up a good point: when this game was played, no one ever repeated any of the words that were provided even though that was never made into a rule. It would be now.

    Well, “thundering” is less frequent than “thunder”, which can be found more than twice as often. :o

    *Not really.


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