NSF International "Mini Protectors" ads

Bottled Water
Bottled Water


I found these yesterday, and what woman wouldn’t love the idea of little ones in public service, protecting those things she needs throughout her daily life? This is a neat set of ads that also answers that age-old question: What careers would extremely small shrunken men be able to choose to earn a paycheck? Now we know.

If I had my own ad agency, this is the sort of ad I would be constantly compelled to churn out, and I would get paid the big bucks to do it. Now that would be a terrific, effortless way to earn a living!

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  1. It would be easy if you could get every client to agree that tiny men are the way to sell the product.

    Personally, as much as I like the idea of tiny men, if my product is a laxative, I’d probably pass on the tiny man ad campaign.


    1. I would never create an ad campaign for a laxative with tiny men in it. That’s what giantess ads are for.

      If I really had my own ad agency, I would have to take into consideration what I have studied in business school, my client’s needs, target demographics, etc., and I would consider myself lucky if I come up with a single successful ad campaign that includes shrunken men in its special effects. For the purpose of hypothesizing about a career I don’t have, nor will I ever pursue, I’m not going to let annoying things such as “reality” get in the way. :)


  2. I think one of the reasons scenarios depicting over- or under-sized people are popular is because of the visual anomaly it creates, teasing the brain with an image it knows can’t be true, but still seems to be. There are many fantasy depictions, but I think those showing shrunken or gigantic people are particularly compelling to most viewers, probably due to some kind of psychology I couldn’t begin to understand. I think this is why these size-difference ads keep showing up, though. Which is good news for us, of course.


    1. I agree. It adds to any sort of fiction, and the very simple addition of a different size for a hero or his nemesis is enough to make for a great quest. I see it almost everywhere I look, in Pink Panther DVDs, in fairy tales, in those commercials and ads we always make a fuss about at the boards, etc.


    1. Hahah! Ugh. Once, I accidentally saw some laxative porn, and while it didn’t have any giantess content, I still have daymares about it.

      Goddess forbid anyone thinks to create something like that… but if it ever happens, I will know who to blame, and where to send the mob with the torches and pitchforks. :)


  3. That lifeguard on the bottled water seems like he’s in a precarious position. Bit of a risky spot with a thirsty giantess about.

    Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I remember you from when you went by another name, Ms. Undersquid. I’ve been enjoying your blog.


    1. Pixis, hi! Thank you for saying hi. I remember you as well, and your terrific story characters.

      I hope you are still writing! Don’t forget the little (and tall) people when you become a famous writer. :)


  4. I agree with Mity Mite. Even thought not everyone share the size changing fantasies, people seem mostly to like such images. I believe that they found them funny. After all, a lifeguard sitting on the edge of bottle’s neck is comical in some way.


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