The ABCs Game – D is for Dollhouse

No rest for the wickedly small.
No rest for the wickedly small.

D is for Dollhouse, the little place I build and furnish in the land of my imagination, and have begun to do so in real life as well.

A tiny home for a tiny man, it’s a place with miniature rooms, fixtures, bed, dressers, books, pots, and pans; everything with a design faithful to the purpose of their comparably giant counterparts, but small enough so he can use them without my help.

This small house looks like a young girl’s toy, but it’s wired to provide him with a minuscule amount of electricity, and it’s connected to a water source as well, because a man needs to be able to shower and flush the toilet, no matter how reduced in size he’s become.

The doors and windows of this home are large enough to allow my hand entry when the time comes, and it always does, especially after kneeling on the floor to peek in, to spy on his little activities, especially those that relate to his need for water.

It’s also a home small enough that I can move from room to room, that I can lift with my hands and take with me wherever I go. If I never build one of my own in reality, if I never buy another miniature for it for the rest of my days, I’ll still have the one in my imagination to give to the little man that lives there.

* * *

P.S. I used to think the image above was a collage, but the little guy in the shower looks too much like a shrunken G.I. Joe, so I don’t know. Whether it’s something produced by one of us or a publicity shot, I still like it!

Edit: Well, I found what seems to be the original image, so I’m inclined to think it’s (at least) partially a doll, given there’s a visible neck joint. It makes me wonder how effective it would be to use both doll body sections and images of real men to form a composite element for collages. Again, that’s something I’ll find out after I win the lottery, end world hunger and all wars, and enforce peace on Earth, or else.

10 thoughts on “The ABCs Game – D is for Dollhouse

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    1. Curt, you are right. I did some checking, and I have to say I’m surprised to have thought for a moment that dolls would have such detailed anatomy.

      Are you listening, Hasbro, Inc? Get it together! :lol:


    1. Hmm, let’s see…

      No, there’s nowhere a little guy can go where his every move won’t be carefully registered and supervised.

      It’s for their own good, don’t you know. :)


  1. And what if a little guy start feel overwhelmed by the observation and shrinking even smaller until a dollhouse will become too big for him? ;)


    1. Hey, that’s a pretty nice idea, shrinking through observation! Someone should write a story about that. Hear that, someone? Get to it.


  2. Hi Undersquid,this entry is beautiful but according to me,if there was a dialogue between tiny man who in his little home and her tall lady,it would be more beautiful.your dialogues are really very effective and to read them is fascinating for me but in my opinion their amount is not enough but that’s only my idea maybe it’s enough for you and other see more dialogues make me happy but of course boss is you in here and decision belong you :)
    it was only a request


    1. Thanks, msg! I agree, there’s something about dialogue that tends to add a great deal to an image. When it isn’t present in an entry it isn’t because I’ve “decided” I’m not going to include it. There’s a natural flow to the creation of my entries, and sometimes dialogue is part of them, as you see; other times it is not.

      While I’m always happy when my readers enjoy the fruits of my creativity, it is only my particular creative process that counts when I write or collage for an entry. That’s why I’ll never be witnessed fulfilling requests at this blog. :)

      Hey, I’m currently working on a story for Trinket’s blog, and it has all manner of exchanges and talkery and dialogue in it.


        1. :D

          I thought I would be done with it weeks ago, but it’s taking me longer than I thought. That’s almost always the case, so I’m not entirely shocked.

          Also, it isn’t coming out in the manner… rather, with the content I thought it would have. That is surprising. :???:


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