How’s it going? Are you having a nice weekend? Good, that’s wonderful.

I wanted to bring something up.

When I became an adult I made the decision to never kiss and tell. Even before I was very unlikely to give details about my love life. It doesn’t matter who wants to know: my mom, my best cousin, a good friend, etc. I don’t tell.

Because every once in a while I prefer to treat others as I would like to be treated myself, if a person chooses to discuss their love life with me, I will treat that information with the utmost discretion, no matter what the means used to communicate it were used.

That means that my friends’ love / like / lust life is safe with me, that my family’s details about their relationships are safe with me, and even blog comments left here that contain details about roleplaying and some activities connected with giantess fantasies are safe with me.

A person that leaves such a comment might not care who knows what they do online, or in the bedroom, or at that public restroom, but if anything that relates to that makes its way to my blog, I will read it, smile at his good fortune, and delete the juicy parts.

I care about your privacy that much, whether you want me to or not. :D

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. When a person shares something with me that is obviously of a personal or sexual nature, I consider that sacred. It’s not something to ever be gossiped about, or shared with others.

    That said, sharing an anonymous fact, anonymously on the oh so anonymous internet about an unnamed, nay anonymous individual doesn’t feel wrong to me. I guess you could say that one of my blog posts reveals a lot about certain women in my life – http://tinyurl.com/althegiantesses – but as no one who frequents my blog (or the comments sections here) knows either me or my real name, I think that’s OK. Right?



    1. While I would feel uncomfortable to admit to things in a similar way, the context I perceived, or the intent behind your blog entry was of a different nature, and more to do with relating the process and effects of opening up to others about something some of us feel we may never discuss with others for fear of being labeled crazy.

      I’ll always think freedom to communicate responsibly about this is just as important (and OK) a right as the choice to be reserved about it. What I do find distasteful is the publishing of chat logs on boards or blogs, or the expounding upon intimate role-playing scenes, that sort of thing. While neither was the fuel behind this blog entry, I still thought it was important to mention.


  2. I get the feeling this posting is a subtle etiquette primer in response to some comment left on your blog that contained a lot of eyebrow-raising “juicy parts.” Whether it is or no, I share your feelings.

    Oh, and thanks for linking to my gallery. The Undersquid gets a BIG (little) hug for that.


    1. You are welcome!

      Let it be known that all that Hug The Undersquid will be spared in the end, when The Giantess Cometh*. :twisted:

      *This doesn’t mean anything in particular, but as I’ve mentioned, I enjoy making meaningless threats.


  3. Good example to follow, I must say. If only there were more people able to keep the personal informations given to them only to themselves, like you do… :roll:


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