Two Words

Well, you’d think that copying and pasting a few paragraphs would make posting these every Wednesday a bit easier. As it turns out, there’s an insane level of busy that doesn’t permit such simple blogging maneuvers. These two words were provided as part of the game by a giantess community member by the name of IncredibleShrinkinI. Wherever he is, I send him a warm hello, and my thanks!

* * *

Serenading_4 by mike973 – What this entry should have been about.

Backseat, Piano

The polishing cloth scratched the palm of his hand as he worked, its interwoven threads thick as ropes to him. He stopped long enough to switch hands. His discomfort took a backseat to her needs; she had always made that very clear. He looked up and over his work to watch her apply the finishing touches to her hair and makeup. She was ready.

“Is it done?” she asked without looking at him.


“Nearly what?”

“Nearly… mistress.”

“That’s a good little man,” she said, getting up and walking towards him. He braced himself for what followed, yet still felt his every bone rattle when she set her elbows on her dressing table to give his efforts a closer look. The shock of her descent plucked a steel tooth inside the music box mechanism, as large as a piano key to him. The vibrating note made his ears ring, and he shook his head clear of it.

“It looks great! Thank you, little one,” she said, her breath a wind that played with his hair. He stood up and away from her reaching fingers and she picked up the ring he had been cleaning. His heart felt heavier now that she was leaving.

“Will you be out very late?” he asked, hating the needy tone in his voice. She was walking away, leaving him on top of the dresser, forgotten up there the same way her other possessions were, when she turned her head and answered.

“I don’t know, little one. It’s a blind date, after all. Don’t wait up for me.”

He watched walk away, and when he heard the front door close in her wake, he turned to look at the jewelry in her box, and felt the weight of the world pressing down on his chest. Catching his reflexion on the black polished surface, he thought of options. He could sit next to her makeup and other trinkets all night long, or he could figure out a way to climb down the facade of her vanity.

It was time to leave; time to find a place where he’d be wanted.

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  1. As usual a wonderfully written piece. You bring the world to life so well.

    But then unless the lady’s on her way to a blind date with another woman, I must protest! Firstly the principle of a world where there are small men and normal sized men is just wrong! And secondly, cuckolding is just mean.

    Other than those two points though, as I say: a wonderful piece. :-)


    1. Hi Pedro,

      But- but- but, there are all sorts of worlds in my mind; some of them more preferable than others depending on my mood. I haven’t checked thoroughly, but so far I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen women dating women.

      I’m not saying there aren’t. I just haven’t seen them. :) There is a world where some men shrank because they were affected by a virus in a way other men were not. I even gave the virus a name, but I can’t remember what it is now. I’ll have to dig that out some day, when I decide to write about it in a more thorough manner, after having read all I can read about the Great Mortality (not that I need to do that, but I keep wanting to draw some parallels).


      1. Oh the different angles on the world can be appealing at different times. And I definitely didn’t want my comment to come across as ungrateful or “how dare you present my eyes with such things?!” :-)

        I’ll always be fascinated by the varied and creative takes on the shrunken man world, whatever their form. I guess I have to work on switching off the shudder I get when I think about a normal-sized man and a shrunken man anywhere near close to each other. Only a woman’s supposed to have that kind of power! :-)

        Hope you’re doing well, and the torrent of busy-ness lets up soon.


        1. I agree, and at no moment did I perceive your very nice (and funny) comment as ungrateful. Not at all!

          I know that shudder too, as I’ve felt it quite often, but from different causes. I know that from time to time I will present entries with “shuddery” content here, and the comments / horror / rotten tomatoes / shocked looks they elicit only add to my blogging experience, and make it more fun.

          Kinda like that giantess that lifts that bus to eye level, and sees the little people screaming inside it, and says, “Aww, you don’t like that? What, are you afraid of heights? Too bad! You look so cute when you turn green, little ones!” and then she giggles and (eventually) puts the bus down on the ground. :P

          Thank you! I hope you are doing well too. :)


          1. Well that little scenario you’ve depicted there is awesome! Who’s that supposed to make shudder: you or the average reader?



            1. Thank you Pedro! The scenario only establishes a similarity between the sort of fun I have when we discuss those shudders here in the comment section for my entries, and the fun a giantess has when her actions cause the comparatively little people to shudder, or scream in horror.

              In other words, when I post things that cause anyone to say, “Undersquid, that’s just wrong!” whether it be shadows or lone-men collages, or something I write, I see it as success in achieving an opportunity to have a fun discussion.

              And in some corner of my mind where the giantess inside me lives, those shudders here at my blog translate into those screams she hears when she lifts that bus and teases those tiny people, and my responses to those comments can probably be interpreted as those playful things she says when she realizes they are not exactly comfortable with her behavior.

              I guess I just like to torture y’all. :lol:

              (Not really. I’m nice.)


  2. Hi,Undersquid

    I’m really happy to see your new entry above because i missed your entries and replies.I thought that presumbly anymore she never won’t write in here. :) i read your clarification about that and i understand,you’re too busy.I hope as soon as possible you can have enough free time to care site.


    1. Thank you msg! It would be lovely to have more free time for my blog, but if I had more free time, I’d probably use it for other activities, such as watching more football games, reading, or collaging.

      I will be blogging more frequently after I finish a story I’m writing… or maybe I’ll feel like finishing some collages then. We shall see! :D


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