Happy Canada Day!

O Canada
O Canada!

This is an entry from my old blog, so I’m actually able to write this in January of this year and set it up so it will be published in July. Years ago as I poked around the Internet looking for collage material, I found a website that belonged to a professional photographer. I can’t recall if s/he was Canadian, or was celebrating Canada, or had taken photos of a Canadian model, but what’s certain is that when I saved three images from that website, an idea was born.

I wanted to create an animated file to tell a story that celebrated Canada Day, and only (yeah, “only”) five months later I spotted the background during a collage background search; then I was ready to begin work.

It was grueling, as it involved dozens of layers in which the woman’s eyes moved from side to side, following the path of the little guy. I desperately tried to figure out a convincing way to create sand prints of his little feet, but in the end I had to give up on that, as my Photoshop skills were limited. I did learn some things from attempting to do that.

The shadows were maddening, but I finished the collage series before July 1rst, and created the animation to celebrate Canadian buddies in the giantess community: talented, creative people without whom we would not have some amazing collages to look at, or some of the best giantess and shrunken-men stories to read. They are simply great people that made my giantess board participation fun, back when I was having it, eh? Cheers!

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  1. Very cute, and she shows remarkable restraint keeping so still apart from her eye. She must also be Canadian.


  2. Oh YEAH! I remember this post well. :-)

    Back then I had no idea who Evangeline Lilly was. Now I know all too well…

    Happy Canada Day to all Canadians and those who love them. :-)


    1. I still don’t know who she is! :) Back then, when I found the elements for this collage, I might have seen she was in the cast of Lost.


  3. That’s really neat. Nicely done. As it happens, Evangeline Lilly is herself a Canadian, originally from Alberta. She certainly makes a beautiful Canadian giantess. So would Canada’s Governor General, Michaelle Jean, who is quite lovely.


    1. Thank you Mite. I was tickled to find out she was Canadian when I was gathering material for this image. And I was lucky enough to find some neat stuff with Governor General Michaelle Jean for my next Canada Day collage,


  4. Oh wow, this brings back some memories, eh? Haven’t seen this in a few year. From one of your Canuckle-head pals, HAPPY CANADA DAY, eh!

    I love the animated Hozer and his giantess. Beauty, eh? Take off!


    1. :lol: “In a few year”!

      Thank you, Dharker Syde. It’s been a couple of Canada Days now, a third one coming up, and hopefully I’ll have something to show for it.

      Besides extreme comment answering lag, that is.


  5. Well, I can tell you that the woman is Canadian. That’s Evangeline Lilly, who plays Kate on the television show “Lost.” Considering the sand on which she’s lying, the photographer may have intended to evoke that character.

    Thus, I can’t help but imagine a variation of the show in which the female castaways grow into giants or the male castaways shrink, where men earn their keep by providing entertainment, putting on shows and dancing for the looming ladies. With all the freaky stuff that happens on that island, a bit of size changing would seem rather believable by comparison!


    1. Hi Kraken,

      Wow, this goes to show it would be a nice idea to read my comments more carefully when I approve them. But I won’t feel too guilty. 2009 was a very peculiar year for me, and not big on blogging. I was just commenting I thought she played a character on Lost, and now reading your comment confirms it.

      I’ve never watched Lost, but I’m sure I prefer your version.


  6. Happy Belated Canada Day to all fellow Canadians among Ms. Undersquid’s readership, and an early Happy 4th of July to her and her American ones!

    Sorry I’m a little late, I had a barbecue to be at, and then all of yesterday at a client’s office out of town.


    1. Thank you, Trinket (though I’m not an American—according to the most familiar definition anyway)! It seems you had a nice 2009 Canada Day, and I hope your 2010 one was pleasant as well. Mmm, barbecue….


  7. By the by, that’s a lovely animated collage, and an excellent choice of a Canadian for the main subject. It’s hard enough making just one scene, but making 5 of them and putting them all into one collage, well, that must have taken a ridiculous amount of work. I think I speak for all Canadians when I say that we greatly appreciate it.



    1. Thank you homenzinho submisso,

      It’s nice to know there’s an increasing number of blogs like ours being created. I wish you loads of fun with it!


  8. If you’re at all familiar with the Venture Bros, you may recognize this line: “Why does nobody tell me these things!?” I simply cannot believe that I’ve never run across your site. But, alas, it looks like you’re not updating it. Still, there’s oodles of stuff here to peruse, and so peruse I shall… :)


    1. Why does nobody tell me about the Venture Brothers show!? I just wikied it and found out the creator wrote for The Tick, which I adore. I have to check it out now. Thanks Grildrig!


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