So I play social games, so what?

And you know he's named it, and talks to it.
You know he’s named it, and talks to it.

It wasn’t a year ago that I started to receive all these invitations from some of my Facebook friends, to join them in playing pretend games I thought were a colossal waste of time.

Apparently I think a large number of things are a waste of time, except my own fruitless endeavors. :D

I adamantly refused to accept these invitations, until my brother invited me to play Pet Society, a Flash game that allows you to create a virtual pet (not as awesome as my iPet) you can clean, groom, dress, and that lives in a home you can also furnish, in a neighborhood you’ve created by adding Facebook people on your list that have also been tricked into playing the same game.

Then I was somehow bamboozled into adding FarmVille, and a couple of others. Now, in the beginning all these games provoked in me the same feeling: I’d rather stab my ear repeatedly with a Q-tip than play this stupid thing. Later I would advance some levels and inevitably become bored with the game, deleting it.

Well, almost inevitably. I still have Pet Society and FarmVille, but only fritter away at them a few minutes each week, and there’s a third game that has just captured my… um, heart? Imagination? I’m gonna go with excitement, I think. I’m talking about Island Paradise, another farming game that provides you with a little character stranded on an island, where trees and several plots for seeding, plowing and harvesting provide experience points.

The only reason I started playing this game (no one actually sent me a request to add it, I found it on my own) is because the setting is similar to one of my giantess fantasies, a fairly common one I think. Man finds himself pulling a Cast Away on an uninhabited bit of land, lives off whatever he can scavenge from this land, and soon realizes He Is Not Alone. Ground rumbles, giantess appears, and takes wild and passionate possession of man.

So how could I resist when, a few days ago, the game released a Giant Sandal? I mean, look at it! My little pixel guy is such a tiny thing when I place him next to it. I can just close my eyes and imagine a real man, just as comparatively small when he finds that huge flip-flop half buried in the sand. I can picture his shock as he wonders how it got there (“It wasn’t here yesterday!”), and his curiosity as he looks around for signs of life, of the group of people that must have carried the giant “prop” and left it there to bake in the sun. Surely they’ll rescue him and take him back to civilization!

But there’s no one. Only a warm breeze that for some strange reason comes to him from inland; sounds he can’t recognize yet as tree branches breaking in the distance; bizarre formations in the sand where it sinks at intervals; but no people.

So he drags the flip-flop to his encampment, and they become very close. That is until its fantastically tall owner appears, looking for it. I can hardly be blamed for liking this game. Now excuse me, I have to go harvest some fake string beans through the action of many mouse clicks, as I envision all the hot things that are happening between those two. ;)

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  1. Somewhere in their dark nefarious lair the inventors of Tamagotchi rubs their hands in fiendish glee as their plan for world conquest proceeds according to plan. “Send the message to all adorable little sprites to go to phase two, repeat phase two. And this time no cock-ups!”

    Hot on the heels of this momentous event M$ arrives with Project Natal, enabling your avatar to visit that itty-bitty island to retrieve your flip-flop. However, since the tiny guy looks so cute and irresistable chaos ensues as the program is pushed to the very limits of its “E” rating, but it’s still all pixel-on-pixel fun.

    That is until Nintendo, desperate to relive the triump of the Wii releases its Power Suit with piezoelectric feedback waffers under the tag-line “feeling is believing”, and not only is the “E” rating blasted back against the wall, but Wal-Mart makes a killing by offering same-day cleaning of moist suits.

    Sony responds by making the “minikin” line of tiny robotic people, but scandal erupts as a manufacturing defect causes them to vibrate whenever a jet passes overhead, resulting in lines of gently swaying cars overflowing the cell-phone parking lots at every major airport.

    Still, it’ll be worth it, eh? :)


  2. I’ve always thought the iPod screen would be a perfect fit for a tiny man in the dollhouse, for watching shows and listening to music.

    The fun aspect of the iPad is that it allows a shrunken man to “skate” on it to activate any of its applications. If anything it’s fun for a a shrinker to watch.


  3. Heaven help him when he’s playing minesweeper…


    It’s all the more impressive when it’s happening right beneath one’s self. It’s less impressive when playing in certain world locales where they’ve replaced the bombs with flowers…

    *poit poit poit poit poit*
    (not the same at all)

    Then there is the fun of the Wii…

    “Aieee! Stop!!!”
    “Sorry, you want your own controller?”
    “And not to be tied to this one?”
    “Too bad. Let’s play ping-pong.”


    1. I’d never played Minesweeper until I read this post. Poor little guy; who knows what sort of psychological damage I might cause if I forced him to play it just for my own amusement. But… considering I’ve thought—more than once—that once I might have chosen a career as an explosives expert, perhaps this little entertainment would be a way to imagine blowing up stuff.

      Ah, now I want a Wii.


  4. wow! just wow!
    they say every pole has an opposite one in universe!

    the first time i was a 4 y-o boy, watching a TV cartoon, there was a village of tiny people and a girl from there used to meet a cute normal sized girl from a city nearby, later her friends joined her!
    and it was the start, quiet innocently at age 4 I knew there was something with this idea! I kept that for myself but slowly started to forget that since I couldn’t imagine there may be someone out there (and a girl) to have the same feelings!
    but I simply couldn’t take it out of my mind! and now, today I SEE YOUR BLOG! yeah there are people with the same idea!
    I’d already seen some content on youtube! but reading a blog of a giantess is incredible :) ;)

    I think we should’ve met at the right time some years ago in the ‘right’ size!

    hey! though I love the idea of a normal lady with tiny boy (not giantess) because this is more realistic! and government doesn’t need to demolish the lady! but your blog is seriously cute and being a mom you do the writing great!

    a tip: I had the idea of the lady swallowing the guy since 6, so this seems innocent too!

    you gave me the idea of starting my own blog, this could be great; at least I may forget about it’s never gonna happen … :)

    tanx, I hope someday you find your own tiny man, but pls do not just crush it! it is a quick end!


    1. I think a tiny man might prefer a quick end, rather than a slow one! :lol: But I don’t give much thought to crushing a man unless he deserves it, or I’m bored, or I forget he’s there.

      Thanks for the comment.


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