Minimiam is a website I found yesterday when I was doing a search for "shrunken men" but in Spanish. Minimiam, as I understand, means "mini yum" (I'm sure the vore folks will love that) (yes, we do), and it's a duo of food photographers that place miniatures on edibles in such interesting ways that one... Continue Reading →

I'm cheating on him

And I'm not sorry. I'm sure he deserves it, or he will some day. In the beginning, the same as in Highlander, there could be only one: one man to shrink, to keep, to love, even to marry. That was the spark that gave life to the most amazing fantasies, from their tender beginning in... Continue Reading →

Why can't Tina Fey be a man?

Is it too much to ask? Last night I was reading the news online when I saw a link about Tina Fey having hosted SNL. Though I haven't watched that show on TV for years, every once in a while I catch it online, if the host is someone I like. Tina Fey is one... Continue Reading →

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