Minimiam is a website I found yesterday when I was doing a search for “shrunken men” but in Spanish. Minimiam, as I understand, means “mini yum” (I’m sure the vore folks will love that) (yes, we do), and it’s a duo of food photographers that place miniatures on edibles in such interesting ways that one can’t help but think of a story behind the image. As you can imagine, stories that involve small men are always going to interest me.

The two artists, Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida, are also married. It crossed my mind for only a second, that though unlikely, it would be fun if these miniatures interacting with food and creating situations that are similar to some of the scenarios I describe to myself, are more than professional tools for the couple. I wondered if they use them for role-playing… probably in the same foolish way some have felt a temporary ray of hope that Pamela Anderson is really into vore. :roll:

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  1. I went to the site and enjoyed looking around. My favorite was the middle aged couple in beachwear. He’s staring off the edge of some huge something while his wife’s back is turned; the second pic reveals what he’s staring at. Too bad it couldn’t have been a full sized woman catching a few rays herself. Great find.


    1. Thanks Nemo! I like that layout, two frames offering two perspectives of the same frame tell such a good story simply by changing the distance.

      That naughty little man deserves a thump on the head, maybe delivered by a very large finger. :)


  2. Nice find! I like the one with the circus strongman–those peas look heavy!

    I’ll bet he’s the idol of all the other little miniatures.


    1. Hi Endymion! Thank you. I figure he’s an idol or a bully… but if a tiny man is going to get a workout, lifting heavy peas is the way to do it. :lol:

      Are you *the* Endymion, as in the one that collages excellent images?


  3. Hi Undersquid!

    I’m the only Endymion that *I* know of…but in terms of collaging “excellent” images–well, that’s quite a bit of praise coming from someone as talented as yourself!

    Should consider being a lil’ more careful there– I’m liable to develop an ego too big for a guy my size.

    You’ll have to excuse me for now…it seems I have some preening to do :)


    1. Hahah! Well, don’t worry about that fall after pride. Can’t be from that much a distance. Just a few inches to the floor won’t hurt you any. :)

      Your Under Her Shadow image is part of my collection. I think I’ve met that little guy before!


  4. Hahaha, you have. The more curious little ones tend to wander off quite a bit. No matter *what* sort of collage I manage to trap them in, they always find some way to escape!


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