Another dream….

"Stopping By" by Mity Mite

A few nights ago I had a dream about a shrunken man. Sadly, I wasn’t in the dream, but I don’t think I let that bother me. I’ve had a few dreams about little people living inside the walls of homes for humans my size, and they always stay with me. This little fellow had brown hair, a nice body, and a happy disposition. He made a nice living as a tour guide for other ones his size, and the tour consisted of visiting the various rooms of the gigantic house that was his home, unbeknown to its huge occupants.

The really cool part about the dream is that his friends were all bugs. A roach, a cricket, a slug, various unidentified invertebrates, they all spoke and walked on two legs as they maintained the tour, which even had “rides”. He was the little boss, and in the dream he would bark (nicely) orders: “Wipe that clean!” “Fix that door!” “Repair that matchbox side!” And they would all scurry and tend to every aspect of their job.

During the dream they were only preparing for the next set of tourists, and I got the feeling (it was my dream, so I suppose that feeling came from my natural inclination) that for the little people it was forbidden to enter a giant home. Outlawed, even. This made my little guy a bit of a bad boy, and of course it meant his tours were always packed with curious folks willing to pay top crumb for the dangerous treat.

(Yes, crumb, as it appeared no one paid him with real currency; it was all bolts of gossamer fabric, or earthen bowls of food, or building materials. It was simply adorable.)

*sigh* I wish I could meet a little one just like him, reckless, disobedient, and hot! :) The dream was over before any “giant” people made an appearance.

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  1. Over the thirty years I can remember having these fantasies, I have never, ever, not once, dreamed a dream involving either giantesses or shrunken men, while I have had lots and lots of dreams of other kinds. The only dreams I got of this part of me are just daydreams.


  2. Daydreams are just as good, I think.

    I used to dream about myself as a giantess, or about shrunken men a lot more frequently. I also used to dream about zombies nearly every week. I don’t know what the heck that might have meant if interpreted.

    I’m going to decidedly opine you have tons of dreams involving giantesses and tiny men; you just don’t remember them. :D


  3. Imagine my delight at not only discovering you’d started posting regularly again, but that you chose to feature one of my works in this post! As always, I love reading about your thoughts and fantasies, always so creative and provocatively written. Glad to see you’re back. :D


    1. Mite! So glad to see you around still, I thought you’d hung up your shrunken manboots after closing your Flickr gallery. Are you still posting on any forums?


      1. Hey Trinket. Yeah, I’m still around. I don’t post as much GTS stuff anymore, but I haven’t lost an interest in looking at and and reading the images and thoughts of others on the subject. I’ve been doing a lot of poser+photoshop work in my Deviant Art gallery now, but its a mix of different things, not just GTS. By the way, you’ll still find all my old Flickr GTS collages on Cheers!


    2. Hi Mite! I’m not sure I’m posting “regularly” again, but I’ll be happy if it turns out that way. Thank you, and right back at you about your collages and amazing poser!

      I’m sorry your Flickr gallery is gone, but it was great to find your material at Whew!


  4. The tour group sounds like a lot of fun…

    “If you look to your left though the cold air return vent you can see her boudoir.”

    (collective ‘ooo’ from the people)

    “Her bed measures roughly 180 high. It’s 600 feet long on a side, encompassing enough space for two and a half football fields. Each pillow is about 120 by 200 feet. A few years ago we borrowed one for a circus tent.”

    “Does she ever make it up in the morning?”

    “Not that we’ve noticed.”

    “Has anyone every played football on it?”


    “Why is there an obelisk on her nightstand?”

    “Good question. We’re not sure, really. We think it has religious connotations, based on her use of it at night and her impassioned appeals to god.”

    Just imagine finding an entire group during one of their nightly excursions… :) …that would liven things up…


    1. That made me laugh! Thanks Grildrig. Maybe it will be the starting point for a nice little story one day.

      It certainly is fun to imagine, though the tour guide in my head doesn’t fail to mention that he suspects the structure is “of a persuasive nature, about what remains a mystery, but she always seems to vehemently agree with it during their monosyllabic conversations.”


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