A tiny encounter

Lately I’ve had some free time, yet I’ve made the mistake of waiting until I’m “in the right frame of mind” to write. I forgot there is no such thing. I’m a writer, or I’m not. It isn’t a matter of not knowing what to write, but of making excuses not to do so. I’ll probably invent more of those in the future, but not today. Today I’ll tell you a bit of the way I feel about little bugs. No, not you. Real ones. I tend to go to each extreme. I either kill them with livid hatred (as a recent purchase for flea medicine shows), or allow them to live as I coo and fawn.

Because of that thing that awakens inside of me when I’m in the presence of small stimuli, I do believe I’ve been spared from indifference towards the living of small worlds. It isn’t that I want to make out with mosquitoes… but watching the way a tiny critter interacts with its environment has a way of awakening memories of certain thoughts, or creating altogether new ones, always of a far more pleasant nature.

As always, that was the state of things when I found a newborn praying mantis in my bathroom. Naturally I immediately wondered what it would be like to find a man that size (approximately half an inch in height), under the same circumstances (say, while I’m in the middle of a biological imperative). My first inclination, even preceding mortification, would be a desire to protect him, but I’m afraid that would be followed with great haste by a compulsion to use him in a most intimate way.

(No, I’m not referring to toilet paper. Ew.)

As unlikely as I am to waste time pondering the impossible (this blog is proof of that, eh?), I wondered if I’d truly be capable of taking advantage of someone in such a defenseless predicament. I imagine he would feel a great deal of distress, especially if he doesn’t know why he’s suddenly 1/2″ tall, and in my bathroom! If that is his normal height, his discomfort would stem from having been spotted and skillfully captured by a woman of enormous size. Would I care?

As I tried to grab a hold of this tiny mantis, I thought that in a world where I find a man that small, I would indeed drop him somewhere fun. In another world I would want to, really badly, but would wait for consent. In yet another dimension I would first take the time to explain to him what is about to happen, and the behavior that is expected of him when he squirms his way to his destination. As though reading my mind (I don’t know why, as it had nothing to do with it), the mantis kept leaping from my hand again and again, and I asked myself, what would I feed him? Where would he sleep? How would I go about my day, insane with worry abut his well being?

It’s so annoying to have these fantasies importuned by a sense of protectiveness towards a creature so unreal it’s never in any danger. But whatever rocks my boat.

Then the praying mantis jumped again, and landed on my left breast. Rather than destroying the moment by realizing it was the closest surface onto which it could escape, I smiled and said to the little man that exists in my head, “But of course that’s the first place you rush to”

From a bag of groceries I had not yet emptied, I grabbed a block of cream cheese, tore the box free, and placed the mantis in there. I was considering keeping it as a pet when I reached a window, as I was also toying with defenestration (<–love that word). I decided on the latter but then I saw the mantis had escaped. I looked for it for quite some time, without luck. It was gone, I thought forever.

It came back to me the next day, and this time I did free it as I hoped it would live a full life. Whatever happened to it was a better fate than staying with me. I would have probably forgotten I had it, or my cats would have eaten it. “You may live” is what I whispered to it, and if there ever was a growth potion developed from the essence of emotional glimpses, what I felt when I said that would certainly be an ingredient. It’s goddess juice, and it makes me taller.

All of you may live. :)

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  1. Hi Undersquid

    I’ve always wanted to be a half inch man (i love be micro)if i’ve been found by you like in little man in entry.i wouldn’t wanna be free.kept by an enormous size of woman would be great.

    i’ve always wondered.in real life (not dream country)if i was a shrunken man and found by a woman on the ground.what would woman’s first reaction and then if i said that hi lady i’m not a bug.i’m only a little human.what would she do with me?


    1. Half an inch is an adorable size. I don’t know that I consider it a true micro size, but I’m not going to split hairs.

      I’ve always thought a woman’s reaction (anyone’s reaction, really) would be nothing like we imagine. I’d most likely think I’m hallucinating, and go find confirmation of the small man’s sighting. Then it would be a matter of locating his family and handing him over to the government for a full battery of experiments. :lol:


  2. My english is poor… I’ll do my best.
    Simply, I love it. There are many giantess stories and material onto the web… but nothing like this.
    I read a couple of articles of your blog. They are very insteresting, really, because they’re different… I would like to talk with you… only if you like, obviously.
    Thanks, and great job!

    P.D. ( Only for spanish-speakers): Mi lengua materna es el español. Sí me molesta un poco no poder decir todo lo que pienso en inglés…
    Sólo me resta pedirles disculpas.


    1. Poor schmoor.

      Hi …! Thank you, I’m glad you love it. Yes, my blog is different. :) It also shares wonderful similarities with Trinket999’s blog, as well as Pedro Fellini’s one, though the latter gentleman is a stinker and hasn’t published anything in months.

      P.D. Mi lengua materna también es el español. No dudes en dejar comentarios en español si te place, que entenderé perfectamente todo lo que digas. En lo que refiere a “hablar conmigo”, ¿quieres decir a través de mi blog? Aclárame ese puntito por favor. :)

      ¡Que tengas un buen día!


      1. Para empezar aclaro… “…” = “Daki”. Es que luego de haber comentado esto, me puse a pensar que mucho mejor hubiese sido poner un nick… disculpa, primeros comments de blogs.
        Y sí, realmente me manejo mucho mejor con el español… por obvias razones claro. Te agradezco el “darme esa libertad” de poder comentar así. No me lo esperaba.
        Y a propósito de lo anterior, qué buen nivel de inglés. Te envidio.

        @Ontopic: En realidad, como fuere… es que realmente, hace dos meses, me sorprendió mucho hayar este tipo de material… para empezar la mayoría de lo existente es vore, crush o foot… y por lo menos a mí, no me agradan del todo.
        Detesto la idea de la giantess “satánica” por expresarlo de algún modo porque me parece irreal (que ironía utilizar el término hablando de lo que estamos hablando). Eso era todo, y por eso me sorprendió. Aparte de que eres mujer, lo que hace de todas tus entradas aún más extrañas e imposible vuelves el encontrar similares.
        Entonces, felicitaciones.

        P.D.: What is the meaning of “schmoor”?


        1. Hola Daki!

          Si me había dado cuenta que “…” y tú son la misma persona ya que en la área de administración de mi blog puedo ver mas detalles de mis visitantes que me ayudan a identificarlos. :)

          Gracias por tu cumplido, y te lo regreso porque nadie se podría quejar de no enteder lo que escribes. Regresando al tema, la verdad es que a mi me gusta un poquito de casi todo, pero hay cosas que como tu mencionas, no me interesan en lo absoluto.

          Eso de “poor schmoor” – “Schm” es un prefijo que se usa para formar una palabra (no existente) que rima con alguna (cualquier otra) palabra que la precede. Se usan en pareja para indicar desprecio, mofa, o en este caso, rehusarse a considerar en serio. No hay traducción literal, pero es igual a como cuando nosotros decimos, “Que ____ ni que ocho cuartos!”

          Asi que si alguien viene y te dice, “Daki, aren’t these evil giantess collages beautiful?” tu le propinas una tunda mientras le contestas, “Beautiful schmeautiful!!!” *POW*

          Vieno la manera como te defiendes en inglés, cuando comentaste que era “poor”, me rehusé a considerar que tu inglés es “pobre” de esa manera. :D

          Y san se acabó!


  3. Primero que nada… realmente eres impresionante. La sola forma que usaste para describir el concepto implica que, además de manejarte muy bien con el inglés, redactas excelentemente en español. En serio, felicitaciones.

    A partir de ahora, usaré el concepto. Muchas gracias por explicármelo.
    Y… también lograré entrar en conflictos… hablando inglés (¿?).

    Y ya basta. Como que ya es mucho @offtopic.
    Ya te comenté… tus redacciones son impresionantes a nivel de material. La verdad es que cuando algo te sobrecoge, es difícil dar con muchas palabras que pudiesen definir lo que experimentas. Por tanto, ya no digo más por que no puedo hacerlo y por que… no quiero seguir llenando este espacio de cosas que no vienen al caso. Una disculpa por eso.

    En fin, comentaré cuando vea más columnas tuyas que me llamen la atención… asi que esperaré con ansias a que sigas escribiendo y no abandones por varias semanas, como decías.

    Muchas gracias, y felicitaciones nuevamente.


  4. At 1/2” tall I’m sure he’d appreciate being found, even if he wasn’t a fan of ‘being dropped somewhere fun’. Being small isn’t exactly safe, being this tiny can be lethal, so kudos to you if you could notice him and pick him up from the floor. Hell, you might be one of the few people whose immediate reaction upon seeing him is not raising your foot. Poor guy would probably be tired of that after a while. Keeping him free of danger wouldn’t be too hard either, as long as you put him somewhere safe, and a man that small can be stored virtually anywhere as we know.

    It’s such a fun size. Wish I was that small, got lost and found by a woman gentle and kind enough to take care of me. Yeah, I’m gonna borrow that shrink ray from you some day, alright? :)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That shrink ray is yours, remember? I’m just borrowing it for a few days, and as soon as I find a suitable candidate for shrinking, ZAP! And I’ll ship it right back to you. Set to go off as soon as the package is opened, of course. You’re welcome. :)


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