Though romantic love is biology’s pretty chemical imbalance designed to trick us into propagating our species, I like this song by A Fine Frenzy. I had not heard of the group until one of my Facebook buddies posted the video and I spotted it on my feed. You can see how the lyrics are —after a bit of tweaking— perfect for me.

A Fine Frenzy – Lifesize

I stood so tall I caught a plane
by the wing and held it safe
Until I found it a place to land
I laid across the ocean wide
Bridged the gap in record time
The people traveled across and kissed my hands

All for love I become

Larger than lifesize, wondersome
Great in the eyes of everyone
Larger than lifesize I become
Great in the eyes of everyone

I smiled so bright the sun went down
Rose above the maddening crowd
I lit the streets with the sweetest glow
I held the globe and made it turn
Wandered through the universe
The men of science observed through telescopes

All for love I become

Larger than lifesize, wondersome
Great in the eyes of everyone
Larger than lifesize I become
Great in the eyes of everyone

6 thoughts on “Lifesize

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  1. A strange song… with an unusual lyrics. But, I like it!
    P.D.: You didn’t write in a long time… I thought that you had left.
    P.D.2: Sorry for mi poor english.


    1. Hi Daki,

      It’s grown on me, perhaps because of the lyrics. I haven’t rushed off to buy the album, but maybe a download is in order.

      P.D. I did leave! I leave all the time, and then I come back.

      P.D.D. Poor schmoor!


  2. Hi, hate to be pedantic, (well not really) but I gave the video a watch/listen and I’m pretty sure she says the madding crowd as opposed to the maddening crowd. It’s likely an allusion to Thomas Hardy’s novel “Far from the Madding Crowd” (which only has normal sized people). In case you were wondering, a madding crowd is a crowd that is going nuts as opposed to driving someone else nuts.


    1. Hi Petronius!

      Yes, that’s exactly what I thought when I began to edit the lyrics to give them a giantess flavor, but she says “maddening”. I checked their website, under the lyrics section, and indeed it’s “maddening”. I think the song is poorer for it, because the phrase has not yet reached the level of lyric cliché. Hah!

      Bathsheba would have made a fabulous giantess, and a far better instrument to prove there is no such thing as distance from a madding crowd. Right, Mr. Thomas Hardy, who can’t possibly read this but if you did you would twist in your grave and shake your fist at me? :lol:


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