Another Terpsicorps moment

A reason to love snail mail

Nearly two years ago, when this blog was in its infancy, I posted something about a dance company called Terpsicorps. I’ve never gone to see them, but I keep receiving promo for their shows. I’d love to kiss whoever does their ads, because look at it! A perspective shot at its best. It took me a few minutes to pay any attention to the card’s subject, as I stared at the image above long enough to become extremely uncomfortable.

Well, in a good way. :) The little guy is hot: perfect dancer legs, shapely bottom, adorable feet and toes, brown hair (my favorite), and cute face. His pose is great too… almost as though he’s cowering before the gigantic woman standing over him, but in a playful way, almost saying with his body, “oh largest of women please don’t step on me or manhandle me against my will but please do.” Again I wished this dance company was formed by women my height and tiny male dancers the size of large dolls. I’d go to every performance.

Here’s their Facebook page. The information on the card I received reads that the production of the dance is based on thirteen dreams. The collection of these dreams included activity on Facebook, where people discussed and posted their dreams. What if I had posted one of my giantess dreams and it had gotten picked for a dance? It’s nice to imagine how it might have been interpreted.

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  1. I can think of at least one time before where something similar preceded the end of those wonderful Buddy Lee Jeans commercials. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that little guy was imprisoned by the Tiny Inquisition for his excessive use of poor judgment. I think an innocent comment like the one you suggest would be fine…and interesting enough that they may just take it up.


  2. Hi Endymion,

    I’m not sure I catch any similarity between that situation and my facetious notion. :)

    While I enjoy imagining what might have happened if indeed I had shared a dream in narrative so compelling that it was actually made into a dance, in reality I never, not even once, use my Facebook account to communicate these thoughts. My mom could see it. My brothers. My ex boyfriend!

    (Though he has no room to tease because I think he’s into feet.)

    I have related my dreams plenty of times before, when I journaled them. I shared them with many friends (before I fully realized what they were), and a radical difference in size is not new to the arts, so what I would hypothetically share would not raise a single eyebrow. I prefer sharing my dreams here, even if that makes it impossible to share them anywhere else.

    That way I can leave in a few of the naughty bits. :)


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