Shrunken Man of the Week: Marton Csokas

As no one knows, I don’t really like blond men, or redheads (which as everyone knows are the harbingers of evil, with the exception of Eric Stoltz). Guys with dark hair and brown eyes are far more pleasing to my eyes, so when I watched Aeon Flux this weekend, I had a hard time following the dialogue when Marton Csokas was onscreen.


Not that I missed much. It wasn’t a bad movie, not the kind that makes me projectile vomit in recollection of two lost hours. I’ll only be adding it to my collection because Marton Csokas is indescribably gorgeous. I’ve watched The Lord of the Rings 400 times, and not once did Lord Celeborn make me salivate like this. Maybe it was all that annoying blond hair, but change it to brown locks and wow.

So I had to shrink him. You understand, right? I have needs, gigantic needs, and they won’t be denied. OK, time to go. I should not be blogging tonight, especially at this ungodly hour, but I had to show you what I did. And what I said about blonds and redheads is not true. I like men of all colors! Except that one guy. That guy sucks.

Tiny and perfect!

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  1. Welcome back! It’s always good to see you return and to read about your thoughts. You have a way of blowing my mind with a single sentence. This time it was, “I have needs, gigantic needs, and they won’t be denied.” The wheels instantly started turning as I imagined being a few inches tall and you uttering that line and knowing that if I could handle it or not, I was going to have to satisfy you. *^_^* Well, enough of my daydreaming, I’d much rather hear about yours. Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi hopi, and thank you. :) There’s something very lovely about the thought of announcing an irrevocable course of action to a shrunken man, just to see what colors he turns, and the pitiful protests he utters.


      1. ¿Eso implicaría que nosotros envejecemos más rápido xD?
        Excelente collage… me gustaría saber, dentro de lo posible, qué editor usas ( yo uso el PS CS4).
        ¡Eso por el momento, sigue así!

        P.D.: Me “asustó” la frase que citó Hopi Dx.


        1. Precisamente! Jaja!

          Gracias, y uso Photoshop 2. Barato, simple, y efectivo.

          Cuando asusto a hombres chiquitos, mi día está completo. :lol:


  3. Marton Csokas once served me coffee in Sourdough cafe on Ponsonby Road, Auckland NZ.
    He was gorgeous then.
    And he’s gorgeous now.
    And it’s a pleasure to see him doing so well.


  4. With such a coffee server, who would not become addicted to caffeine….

    He is gorgeous, and I look forward to seeing him in many films. I don’t often go to the theater to watch newly released movies, but for his I would.


  5. Hi Undersquid i’ve just watched aeon flux on the telly and as soon as the credits rolled in i zeroed in on His Name and googled him and thus came by eventually to your blog. -after some other sites with pics of him. He is totally gorgeous and your blog is so funny i love how you have shrunken him and how you’ve placed him with all the flowers. ‘Tiny and perfect!’. i have been laughing non stop for all the time ive been scrolling through your site. I have never ever thought of sizes in any way but this is so much fun and the blog and thoughts and your whole world view in that way it’s so funny i have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.


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