That scene in Step Brothers

Apparently we ladies like to bite people we like. If you don’t believe me, take a peek at your wife’s Facebook, and look at all the photos of babies in her feed. Invariably there are two or three women commenting on how they’d like to “bite his cheek”. I’ve bitten babies as well. What the hell does that have to do with this entry? Heavens, nothing! Not one damn thing.

I’m just saying… we also like to talk about putting people we like in our purses. What kind of insanity is that? And I hate purses! I own two I never use because I think purses are stupid. So why would we ever say “you’re so cute I’m just gonna stick you in my purse and take you home” ? Or shirt pocket, or back pocket, or front pocket, or mouth?

And then of course enter the ‘ginas. Literally. They don’t have anything to do with babies, not in this way anyway. When we see a baby and we really really want one of those, it is the uterus that flutters a bit. But the vagina is the second (third?) most fun place where we put stuff, so it’s only natural than when we meet someone we want, that’s where we want to place him.

Obviously in the movie the scene is a joke, and while during the rest of the movie I laughed, when this particular scene was playing I immediately went into poker-face mode. Lady Gaga would be proud. I was concentrating on making sure I was hiding my “I break for shrunken men” face, with all the memories and ideas and mental pictures it entailed. Silly, because even if I started drooling, not a single person in the world is going to say, “a-ha! It’s clear to me that you are thinking about shrunken men!”

But you never know.

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      1. You’re quite welcome! Glad it had the same effect on you that it did on me! ;) Also just read your addition to this post and now have to daydream about being shrunk and stuffed in pockets or ‘ginas, so it’s all your fault. *~_^*


  1. Aunque si empezaste con algo sin relación con la entrada… adoro cómo la terminaste.

    Aunque claro… a mi sí me gustaba algo la idea de ir en el bolso, o en el bolsillo de alguien… aunque claro, es un poco peligroso con tanta cosa adentro de la cartera. Lástima que no te gusten los bolsos.
    Y qué decir de ir en el bolsillo de un jeans apretado… te haría reventar. Uh. Dolería un poco.

    P.D.: Disculpa mi torpeza, ¿Qué significa “‘ginas”? ¿Es algo asi como el diminutivo de giantesses?



    1. Gracias Daki,

      Es precisamente porque “tantas cosas” existen en un bolso o cartera que me parece un poco ilógica la idea de su uso. Me gusta salir de la casa de manera “liviana”, pero si algún día me dedico a empequeñecer hombres, tendré que rendirme y llevar bolso. Ni modo.

      Eso sí, estará forrado para que ustedes no se lastimen, pobrecitos. :)

      ‘Gina (con la contracción adelante) es “vagina” pero acortada. Definitivamente una palabra usada de manera poco formal.

      Que tengas un buen fin de semana!


  2. Poker faces only work as a constant. If you suddenly go into one, it might actually backfire. This I have learned from hard experience. I understand your dislike of purses. They’re also too easy to steal. Pockets are fun to think because they’re kind of intimate. Pockets are fun to think about but probably fall into the category of unreasonable accommodation unless it’s just for a short spell. (An inside jacket pocket might be alright though) And the associated google ads for wallets just goes to show how unthinking the internet can be. Here’s something to think about though. Quite likely unreasonable as well, but hey, who’s being reasonable?


    1. Hi Petronius,

      Well, when watching a movie I believe it’s easier to adopt a blank expression if everyone else around you is watching a movie. Unless they know you well enough to cast a glance in your direction during moments they believe might have an effect on you. I’ve convinced myself I’m a mistress of deceit, so I don’t worry much about it backfiring.

      Thanks for the link… I actually like those little purses, but not for carrying around lipstick or whatever, but for keeping a little man temporarily trapped, until he’s transported home. I’d like the brass box. The price is beyond ridiculous, but what a nice spot for a little one! He gets enough air and light, and I get to hear him scream. :lol:


  3. SOOO glad I’m not the only one who has to exhibit facial control during comments / moments such as You described.

    (And nice Lady Gaga reference, BTW!)

    Gotta go get my shrink on…

    — JA


    1. Thank you J A. I keep waiting for Lady Gaga to wear a building dress. Hopefully not a building made of meat. The beanie dress was a missed opportunity! In her place I would have worn a GI Joe garment. :)


  4. I remember this moment! This was like one of those I’m-sitting-in-a-movie-theater-with-my-parents-and-they’re-having-sex-on-screen-moments from when I was younger. Except I was with my friends. Still, I should win an Oscar for faking complete disinterest and apathy.

    To tell the truth, her description wasn’t all that attractive, so it was easy!


    1. True, it was more goofy than anything else, but I still sat there and though, I mustn’t reveal there’s any part of me that can emotionally or mentally make any connection between this scene and any aspect of my character / sexuality / secret blog!


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