Who's number one? I am!

There have been times since I created this blog that I have been curious about my place in Internet searches for images of a shrunken man. My blog used to be a blip in the vastness of results, but now I’m at the top, baby! Well, trinket is at the top, since it’s one of his images, but it’s in my blog! Yeah, take that, er… other sites!

My blog is first to come up when changing the search term to “shrunken men”, and both top results are both my collages. I win! I win I win I win. A giantess always belong at the top, so of course I’m not surprised. :lol:

(Of course I know this may all change tomorrow, but I don’t care. Until then, it’s fun to notice and run around in circles making a big fat deal out of it.)

Who better to become the soundtrack of this post than one of my all-time favorite groups, Foreigner. I remember when I was a young girl and boys would be shocked that I knew who Foreigner was, and what the word meant. Seriously, parents of tomorrow, stop reading Cosmo, because some women are from Mars, and they know Storm Troopers are not robots. In fact, some of them know Yoda’s first name. And don’t miss my next episode of Soap Box! The topic will be, “Why J. J. Abrams is an idiot that doesn’t know anything about women”.

5 thoughts on “Who's number one? I am!

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  1. Congrats, Undersquid! Fantastic. You do indeed have a great site, and it’s only fitting that you’re above all others. :) Well done!


  2. Congratulations, Undersquid!

    I already knew you were number one, but now it’s official since google has finally recognized it!


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