Who needs Batman when we have Batgiantess?

Every once in a while I experience bad dreams in batches. These past few nights have been pretty rough in the nightmare department. I think it’s my brain’s way of balancing things out because I never had them when I was a child. Or I don’t remember having them, which amounts to the same thing. Last night involved the end of all life as we knew it because we (humans) became food for monsters. These monsters utilized dragons and robots to gather us, the same way we use tractors to harvest a field of wheat.

There was a moment in the dream during which I happened to find myself running for my life alongside the enormous paw of a dragon as it pulverized the street and surrounding buildings. I remember thinking in the dream, “What if that were to be the foot of a giantess? My foot?” Later I thought how funny it was that even during a dream, my dream self will suddenly find herself wondering about this stuff.

That’s not to say I imagine I’ll ever fantasize about being a giantess if my life is ever in real peril. I don’t think the adrenaline and whatever survival imperative functioning at that moment (“rescue family” or “kill intruder” or “put out fire” or whatever) will allow for anything masturbatory to take place simultaneously. God I hope not. I’m already abnormal enough as it is.

Days ago I was searching for collaging material —who knows why since I have no time for the activity these days, and when I do have time I spend it doing other things I find more fun— and I found this image of Heidi Jensen, an actress who was once in an episode of Batman. I trimmed it a bit as you see above and it makes for such a great perspective shot, don’t you think? I used to watch Batman reruns when I was a toddler, and I can’t help but think it would have been fantastic if somehow a giantess would have managed to make her way into an episode or two. I could have used her in my dream as well. She would have made quick work of those dragons and robots.

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  1. Hi Undersquid
    Good to see your post again.

    i really liked your that collage.Great pov perspective for me.She looks like a giant queen of the country.

    I wanna live in a monarchic country which is under only a giant queen’s control.I wonder that have you ever imagined being a giantess president of any can make a very good entry about giantess president and normal sized citizens.:)


  2. really cool pic…i don’t remember that episode of Batman but sixties women seem to make great giantesses…maybe it was the new power experienced during the rise of feminism…they just grew…or maybe because i was just a little guy then I can relate to women with big hair towering over me…


  3. Very hot picture.

    I love giantess pictures and movies. I wish there were more of them.

    With today’s Godzilla sprecial effects movie technology, they really haven’t made a giantess movie that fits today up to date special effects.

    Giantess porno stars in bikinis running around a city like in “Attack of the 50 foot woman” would be awsome!


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