How does a shrunken man take a bath?

More later. I gotta get some sleep.

Manu Pombrol
What’s he reading?

Sunday, June 11, 2017, 2:37 PM

I think it’s later now.

The day I posted the above pic was International Giantess Day, in case you didn’t know. I remember finding the image, but I only have a vague recollection of what I was going to write about it. It doesn’t matter. I’m always going to have something to say about shrinking, and tiny men, and how they bathe, and what a woman should use to clean them, etc.; but I’ll start by saying that the creator of the image above is Manu (as in Manuel, I imagine), who does not appear to have a website, but I found this, with more of his work. Some of his images are sizey in nature, some of them are just… cool.

Back to celebrating International Giantess Day by explaining to everyone how a shrunken man takes a bath. And the answer is, however I want him to do it, whenever I want him to, and for as long as I want him to.  But on International Giantess Day, it is of utmost importance that he sticks to tradition, and celebrates the beginning of that very important celebration by making himself very clean. It doesn’t matter that he’s shrunken or a regular-sized man, because on that day all people must be ready for the sudden appearance of giantesses on the horizon, and they want to celebrate. They’re not going to, if you stink.

In fact, if I were in their shoes, and out and about on MY day, the moment I peel off the roof of a house where a particularly tempting man lives so I can have some international fun with him, and find out he is unclean, and sweaty, and bitter tasting, I’d give him a bath. A blood bath. Fortunately for all little guys (and you’re all small to me), I no longer go out on IGD. I spend it at home, in the clouds, with my own little man, who is always bathed in me.

But back to smelling good:

  • As soon as the day begins, take a long soak to remove all scents from your previous day. If you live alone, a giantess that picks up anything but your own oils when she lifts you in her hold and brings you to the wind tunnel of her nostrils is not going to be very happy to detect any foreign smells on you. Make sure it’s just you she perceives.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are already owned, as a giantess will peel off your roof if she likes, and is her right to do so. If she perceives any strangeness on your skin, and hint that you have been inappropriate with yourself, or with someone who has no rights to you, all hell will break loose. You could end up in traction, or in the track of her foot.
  • Don’t wear cologne to try to mask the reek of your skin. It won’t work, as our senses are endlessly attuned to all layers of decomposition on your body. We are keenly able to detect artificial chemicals, so use a fragrance-free soap, or one on the list of approved natural scents and essential oils. For the complete list, visit IGD.gts/how-to-survive-the-day/
  • Don’t attempt to disguise your lack of foresight in cleansing yourself by then telling that giantess who has brought you to her nose and tongue and pulls you away with disgust in her expression, that you were “waiting for her to rinse you with her own-” and that’s as far as you went before she let you drop and crushed your filthy remains.
  • Think pure thoughts as you take your shower or a soak in the tub. Or impure thoughts. I forget how it goes. But do it. Your life depends on it.

That’s all for now. Rejoice the day, and live long! If you can. You probably won’t. Oh, well.

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  1. Excellent! My girlfriend and I were discussing just this dilemma last night. We moved between cups and bowls, to ramekins, finally settling on a 1dsp measuring spoon.

    Of course we’re talking about just 1 inch in height here. 2 inches and we’re talking ladles, baby!


  2. Did you make that? It’s really good. The way the water clings to his back and the side of the jar is quite realistic. I’m hoping this scenario is not the rule however; that she’s merely away on some important business and wants to save water, or perhaps he’s disappointed her and is no longer her favourite bath toy.


  3. I got your image and this one in the same search, fortuitously enough.

    How awesome, that this little guy has a shrunken book to read. Otherwise… well, I don’t know enough about water physics to guess what surface tension and viscosity will look like to him, how they’ll interact with his tiny body. In my experience, I can wash down pretty well in a small puddle, if there’s no giantess to wipe me around with a body cleanser. I’ve yet to find the giantess so jaded she leaves me to my own devices on this matter.

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    1. Holy damn… I never came back to this entry. And it falls on International Giantess Day. I really should finish it, someday. Maybe work on that anthem, which now must include the word “pygoditic”. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT. >:(

      I had a whole thing I was going to write about this, but there’s no way I remember what it was. No matter; I can easily start from scratch. I’m pretty sure it had to do with bathing a little guy, and all the fun that entails. You’ll never find a giantess that neglects her little guy as regards to hygiene. We have to touch them, and put them in places. They have to be clean, whether they are in the mood for it, or not.

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      1. For some reason the image I linked to didn’t show up… that must’ve been confusing. It was a little woman in a glass jar. They made a set, kinda.


        That’s a really good point you bring up. A sugar-coated (whipped cream, syrup, &c.) little guy should only go in the woman’s mouth, for example.

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  4. Meh, who wants to see a little woman in a glass jar? I don’t. Keep that filth to yourself, young man. :D

    When I was a child, my school held a composition contest. Students were to come up with both lyrics and music for our school’s anthem, and the best one would be chosen by the school’s tyrannical head staff. Even after these many years, and another language ago, I still remember the first two lines. It was a catchy tune, definitely anthemic. I’d like to try to do the same for my Giantess Anthem, and since I’m not a musician, I want to come up with as terrible an anthem as I possibly can. Wish me bad luck!

    I only want to know how in the world he became sugar coated to begin with. Did he raid the cookie jar? I told him not to. But does he listen to me? Of course not! Now I’ll have to teach him a lesson. Is this your influence? He didn’t pull any such stunts until you guys started hanging out.


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