Today I was in the living room with my family, and a wish was expressed regarding a particular radio station, and the playing of it online. I sat at the computer and found it. I saw that I needed to fire it up through a player, and I chose iTunes. Awesome? No, not awesome.

What played was a 24-second ad about donating money, free Internet radio, blah blah blah… and then, the next item in my iTunes started playing automatically. Awesome? No, not awesome.

The next item in my playlist was a voice clip I created years ago. A voice clip in which I’m sexing a shrunken man, doing all manner of giant things to his little self. This clip was playing in front of my family. Awesome? Fuck no.

Was there anything awesome about any of that? Nothing, except the speed in which I stopped the clip, and the pathetically low volume in which it started playing. Another awesome thing was how in spite of how fast my heart was racing, and all the eighteen different kinds of stupid I called myself, and how terrified I was that I almost “blew my cover”, I was still turned on by my own voice and the hot things I barely heard myself starting to say. Awesome? Yes!

In conclusion, if you have any similar things in your computer, and significant people in your life you think know nothing about computers and would never find your stash of auto-eroticking giantess material that you keep in an idiotically obvious place, I suggest you do something about it tonight.

Or start wearing a diaper.

Update: They’re all gone, forever, all 112 voice clips (some really crappy ones, especially the first few). Deleted and unrecoverable. Well, I still copied them to my external drive when I backed up my hard drive last year, but I don’t suppose they can do much harm there.

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    1. Not that I could tell. Conversation started as soon as the radio station ad ended, and I started talking really loud as well. I probably sounded neurotic and insane, but I much prefer that than the alternative. I’d been thinking about deleting those things for months, but today’s events are proof that it should have already been done.


  1. Ah…just pass that mp3 over here, and we’ll make sure it’s stored in a safe place… :)

    I created a clip many years ago, one where I’m perched upon the shoulder of a giantess, clinging to her ear and murmuring to her as she enjoys a stroll through a city. I added in effects appropriate to the moment: slow, massive footfalls, crowd noises, sirens, something metallic going crunchy-crunch.

    I have no idea where it is, and now I’m all properly paranoid…

    The drawings and stories are a different matter. They’ve been out in net-land since Ugh and Grrr first discovered how to rub two bits together to make TCP/IP. In my finite wisdom I used my email addy in ways that would make covert operatives roll their eyes and offer me their cyanide tablets. But this is water over the bridge. No use crying under spilt ice cream and all that.

    Imagine my lack of interest when that email account was slurped up into this brand new thing called Facebook. Imagine how that transformed into whatever they call the next stage after panic, when a couple of 2+2 events led to fantasy friends and family all discoverying me and converging to add me to their lists.

    “What do you mean there’s no delete option? Please tell the programmer reponsible for this oversight that I’m sending Ugh and Grrr over to rip out their sacroiliac with a little Murphy’s Law hand puppet.”

    In summary, I never want family to discover this due to my careless behavior. It would be much more entertaining to speak up during Thanksgiving dinner, and proclaim in a loud voice: “Hey, guess what I like?”

    PS: if the audio isn’t readily available, we’re willing to accept a transcript… (impish grin)


    1. Last time I checked, those “safe places” where giantess voice clips are stored are also known as “torrents”. :P

      Your clip sounds like a work of art. Every once in a while I wander into forums, looking for male-created voice files, while knowing I will never find anything. Well, that’s not true. I once found one, but it was oddly self-serving.

      I completely understand how you feel about the vortex of horror created by the mingling of giantess community folks and family members. When someone I consider a friend, whom I “met” at GDC, friended my cousin, I spent about 48 hours in the deepest of agonies, torturing myself while thinking of how they would discuss my “weirdness” (never mind it’s also *his* weirdness) and whatnot.

      While WordPress allows me to upload audio files, the clips I have will never make it to public consumption. A modified script might be suitable, with names removed to protect the guilty – I love addressing my little men by their first names (right before I change their status to nameless pets and other terms of endearment).


  2. It has happened so many times that i don’t even have a clue as to which of my secrets are secret anymore.Now they have accepted it as something a red-blooded guy does and i don’t feel embarrassed about them as much as i used to before.

    My advise, is to keep those things and don’t delete them in a hurry. You can regret it later when you’re in the “mood” if you remove it.

    Coming to the hotness of being discovered? yes it is a hot feeling thinking about what she might have thought of it and what her thoughts might be right now.


    1. Thanks for the comment Andy,

      Hmm, well… he “red-blooded” explanation works, I suppose. I think it’s best suited for giantesses. One could argue that if one loves women, a much taller woman is only more of a woman to love. What could possibly be wrong with that? Nothing!

      I don’t see how I could adopt the same defense though:

      “Attention family members that just discovered my deep dirty secret,

      I’m a red-blooded woman, so that’s why I love shrunken men. OK? Regular-sized men are awesome… so… tiny men are just… I can put more of them in my pocket! Yeah, that’s the ticket!”

      My mom already had trouble with my developing crushes on short guys when I was a teen. I shouldn’t care this much about what family and friends think, but I’m already very private about things that aren’t this personal. If discovered I would probably deny it all, and blame hackers. :lol:


  3. Sorry to hear about your near embarrassment, but happy to see you back and posting! ^_^ I try to keep my VERY large secret stash on my computer in my man cave and password protected and no one has a reason for using it but me.

    But now I do find myself super curious about the “sexing a shrunken man” audio. If it turned you on, think what it would do to us tiny men?! You must share! I think it would be a kick-ass compliment to your collages and yes, I would settle for a transcript as well to see what goes through your mind. ~_^


    1. Thank you hopier,

      For the longest time no one had a reason to use my Mac but me. When that changed I only began to secure my data and delete relevant files. This event was punishment for not finishing what I started.

      Well, it turned me on because I’m fairly fabulous as far as I’m concerned. There’s a percentage of tiny men that would likely agree with me, and a hefty number would yawn, smirk, gag, etc., and that’s alright. I’ve thought about sharing before, and I’ll probably think about it again, but I believe I’ll still reserve usage of my voice for private situations, with people that have worked very hard to earn my trust. :)


  4. That’s sound advice, US. I’m glad your potentially disastrous incident appears to have worked out OK. I’m sure this will turn out to be humorous someday…as long as you have someone(s) (like us!) to share it with.

    Years ago, back when I lived in my parents’ house, I used to print out my GTS collection since there wasn’t any way I could save it without being discovered. I thought that was pretty safe…until there was a fire at my family’s house. Unfortunately for me, my collection had *just* caught fire when the firemen put it out. I was utterly outed. I wanted to burst into flames right on the spot.

    To make matters worse, the firemen made no secret to me that they had gone through it…and what’s more, I had to explain what it was to both the fire marshal AND a court committee.

    Finally, there were hundreds of little scraps of paper that had blown free and didn’t burn. That wouldn’t have been much of a big deal, except they were very *explicit* little scraps of paper…filled with pieces of images of women seducing–and making love to–their tiny companions. They littered the neighborhood for over a week. It seemed that no matter how many times I scrambled to clear them from our yard, more of them would just blow in, as if the weather was intentionally trying to expose me.

    Luckily, the rest of my family never picked up on it…so I can (mostly) laugh about it now.

    The whole sequence of events seems as if were taken right out of comedy movie that I’m unknowingly starring in.


    1. Hi Endy,

      Yes, it’s already funny! And I’m certainly glad I can share it here, with all of you. :)

      Your story made me laugh, though I’m sorry it happened in such a way. When I was reading it I thought it sounded like a scene from a movie, one of those great, painfully funny movies we can watch over and over again. I’ve also been visited by firemen, but in my case I started the fire (old journals). I did have to explain what it was while they poked through half-burned papers with embarrassing content (nothing as graphic as photos of man bits), and it didn’t help that, in keeping with firefighter tradition, the firemen were painfully hot.

      And I’m VERY sorry there was a fire in your family’s house. I hope nothing more important than giantess material was lost. But now I’m off to reread your comment so I can laugh again. :lol:


  5. I lost a diary once that had rather explicit related entries. Then again it might have been stolen. My name was included. Pray whoever found it chucked it. I’m fairly careful these days but things that preoccupy you have a way of rising to the surface. Every now and then someone says the odd thing that makes me worry.


    1. Hi Petronius,

      The lost-diary scenario is nightmarish, especially when it really isn’t lost, but someone took it. It happened to me (and to probably every girl with a brother or evil boy relatives) a long time ago, though there was no shrunken-man content in it.

      And completely unrelated are those sporadic comments said in my presence that make me wonder if these things are known by others, but then I realize that common size-related comments are so ubiquitous to the human experience that it’s impossible to avoid them. I hope that’s the case for you too.


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