Afternoon Meeting

asdfglkjh Tuesday, November 15, 2016 A long time ago, in a home far, far above, I read this post at trinket999’s blog. It stayed on my mind as the perfect theme for a collage. It didn’t matter to me if the elements didn’t precisely spell out, “Hi, this is a meeting, and it’s happening in... Continue Reading →

The Boost Mobile giantess commercial

...does not exist. I wish it did. Tonight I was out where there was a TV, and when this commercial came on, for a tiniest moment I felt a flutter of hope in my heart that the large figure on the floor of a grocery store would be a giant woman. Instead a sad giant... Continue Reading →

THE Mike Old Navy Commercials

I think I just creamed my skirts. A beautiful tiny man in a commercial, and not one lady grabs him and has her way with him in the middle of the store, on a pile of new garments!? Doesn't anyone know how to make commercials anymore? (Later....) Good heavens. I just watched a bunch of... Continue Reading →


Isn't it funny when someone from the giantess community tries to explain to you why your particular take fantasy isn't feasible? "How can you possibly enjoy imagining a two-inch-tall man? You can't feel him. What can you do to him?" And of course you see them later carrying on about what giantesses do to buildings... Continue Reading →

I’m busy, little guy.

I don’t know anyone that enjoys interruptions from an activity they are committed to complete, but I also don't know a single shrunken man that does not take pleasure in becoming an interruption every chance he gets. I'm not sure if it has something to do with asserting himself in any way he can after... Continue Reading →

Just the two of us!

Is there any reason whatsoever I should be this happy someone from the city where I was born should make it to my blog? Maybe not, but it still makes my heart pound with glee that it happened. See, what typically happens when I spot my birth flag in my site stats is that the... Continue Reading →

"Hi, I'm just a piece of dust…"

You've probably seen those funny Swiffer product commercials. A few days ago I was visiting someone that has cable, and one about the Swiffer 360 Duster came on. The volume was low or muted because there was conversation going on, but I lost all thread of it when I saw that tiny man emerge from... Continue Reading →

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