"Hi, I'm just a piece of dust…"

You’ve probably seen those funny Swiffer product commercials. A few days ago I was visiting someone that has cable, and one about the Swiffer 360 Duster came on. The volume was low or muted because there was conversation going on, but I lost all thread of it when I saw that tiny man emerge from between keys on a keyboard.

It’s as though someone inserted a porn DVD in a player, and it began to play, and everyone ignored while I tried really hard to concentrate on everything but the TV screen. I found it online but I can’t embed it directly in my blog. It’s here:


Or here:


Granted, the little speck of a man should really look like this:

What a gorgeous man!

But we can’t always have what we want. However visually wanting I may find the insignificant particle of a man, what he says is almost unbearably hot. If I ever meet a man that introduces himself by saying, “hi, I’m a speck of dust,” my lady parts will probably explode. Anything similar will do. Examples:

“Hi, I’m a very small particle!”

“Hi, I’m nearly invisible to the naked eye!”

“Hi, I’m so very minute you might need a microscope to see me clearly!”

“Hi, I’m so tiny my clothes will rip like tissue when you pull them from my body!”

“Hi, I fit in the palm of you hand so please have your way with me!”


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  1. Gee, I wanna watch TV with you… :)

    Those moments are fun, sitting back, chatting with someone or idly waiting for a show to return when a fantasy related commercial pops on. The eyes go wide, the drink is held in a death grip, and any body occupying the space betwixt the eyes and the TV is asked in a calm, cool scream to please step aside.

    Still, I suspect that would be nothing compared to standing between you and that cute speck of a man.

    I hope he has a lot of stamina, it sounds like he’ll need it…


    1. Hahah! Yes, those moments are fun, even when I celebrate them on my own, inside my head.

      There’s nothing standing between me and that little man… or at least whatever there was ends up a pile of dust if it gets in the way. And yes, I imagine he never feels fatigued, but even if he did, what difference would it make? :lol:


  2. Como comentaron, son situaciones… extrañamente divertidas y muy (muy) levemente “incómodas”.

    También me ha pasado un par de veces… eso sí, en mi caso pasó en un comercial de gigantas que caminan por la ciudad. Obviamente, en esa ocasión, aunque mis impulsos me dictaban lo contrario, hice lo que pude por no prestarle demasiada atención frente a mis familiares (¡mis hermanas y madre!) y luego la busqué en youtube, para apreciarla con mayor detenimiento.

    Y bueno, ¡siga igual de activa con el blog!



    1. Hola Daki, y gracias! Creo que la mayoría de nosotros seguimos el mismo procedimiento. Nos hacemos los distraídos en frente de los que nos conocen pero no saben de “esto”, y una vez que tenemos privacidad podemos babear y quedarnos bizcos de mirar como queremos. :)


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