I’m busy, little guy.

Go play with your little toys…

I don’t know anyone that enjoys interruptions from an activity they are committed to complete, but I also don’t know a single shrunken man that does not take pleasure in becoming an interruption every chance he gets. I’m not sure if it has something to do with asserting himself in any way he can after being reduced to the size of a doll; perhaps someone can conduct an experiment and discover what delicious hormones are released in the puny brain of a tiny man when he endeavors to annoy the very person that holds his life in her hands.

As seen through my giant eyes, work disruptions always have pleasant consequences instead of the grunts, glares and grousing in real life, no matter what the little man does. Say he’s spirited and stout of character; he will stand his tiny ground and demand his needs are tended, or remind his tall lady that she promised to spend time with him that evening. If she tries to swat him away he might sit his lovely bottom on the keyboard, ruining her document until she relents, or decides to punish him. Either way, he wins, because the punishment always involves loss of clothing and sacred bodily fluids (no, not those—the other ones), and an overwhelming, all-consuming mattress ride.

If our small speck of a man appears meek and compliant, he might decide to obey and “go play with his toy” somewhere just out of her reach, nearly within her field of vision, yet close enough so she may barely hear every fleshy stroke. Who can get any work done under such conditions? I couldn’t, that’s certain! But I also love to imagine he tries to help, truly in earnest and with all his heart, trying to take dictation, or asking to sharpen my pencil every five minutes (with a small blade he fashioned himself out of a tin can piece), and every task is so giant to him as he clumsily tries to accomplish it that I can see his mounting frustration until I can’t help but cover him in kisses and reward him for being adorable.

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  1. A properly determined little man will not be so easily deterred. He steps close to her right hand and moves his pelvis, matching the motions made by the tip of her pencil, causing her to write…

    “…and therefore I recommand that the committee stop it…that the com…stop it stop it…” [rest of scene left to the imagination of the reader]


    1. I think most of the time I prefer a little man with a spine, who doesn’t stop until he reaches his lofty goal, no matter how insurmountable the obstacle before him seems. Pelvic tilts are definitely the province of distracting little men.


  2. You have a very sexy mind and the way you have written, reminds me of what mom feels and tells me when i interrupt her work at home.


    1. What the hell? :lol:

      I can’t tell you how seldom I connect my sexy mind with thoughts of addressing a little man as his biological mother. Actually I can tell you: never.

      But I’m going to assume there’s a high level of tongue trapped in a cheek to what you say, and at best it’s just one of the many offshoots of this fantasy and not at all related to literal familial connections. I can understand those, and how little (meaning nothing) they have to do with incest. The other kind, the fantasizing about one’s sister or mother, has absolutely no place in my blog. :)


      1. Hahhaha :) giantess is in a way,has control over the shrunken man like a woman has control over a kid.That’s why it brought that thought to me.


        1. I see what you mean now, and I agree. Though I’m sure your mom and I could have lengthy discussions about how motherly control is many times imagined, especially around certain childhood milestones. Many of us are “proud” of the control we have over compliant children whilst looking down on children who appear less disciplined, until our second child proves the credit wasn’t our own in the way we imagined.

          I know I don’t need to make this clear to anyone, least of all you, but loving condescention, the issue of orders directed at a shrunken man, etc., have an element of foreplay that simply isn’t present in normal motherhood; though the mind cannot help but draw similarities, especially when we look at scenarios where the little man has been powdered, diapered, and reduced to the condition of an infant, all cognitive and physical achievements ignored by the woman that now babies him.

          Nifty. :)

          (Well, to some. I know there are plenty of men that despise the notion.)


          1. The relationship between opposite sexes is never a fixed one.It is dynamic,the role keeps on changing from time to time based on the situation and moods.Their relationship can be that of a mother/friend/spouse or son/friend/spouse etc etc .Yes we will know our actual relationship based on biology etc,but it varies as the situation we are in and we won’t even be aware of it.That’s what makes any relationship whether it’s between a mom and son or the one between lovers interesting and enjoyable.So the roles keep changing or you can say we will stepping into different shoes in time.


            Read through the above link,you might find it interesting.She’s not some quack and has studied and seen human behavior and sexuality’s importance in our lives and relationships.


  3. I am not a kid,but for mom ,i’m still the same kid who used to follow her around clutching on to her skirt.So most of the time that’s the kinda conversation we have when i’m home with mom and teasing her when she’s busy working.That’s the kinda relationship most guys have with their moms i guess.Though the toy in this case is a liter class super bike,which incidentally she bought for me, which makes her treat it as a toy and me as a dependent kid i guess.


    1. Your mom sounds wonderful! And yes, I’ve seen that particular facet in relationships between men and their mothers. I was fiercely independent practically from birth, so I followed a different path with my mom (but I’m my father’s little girl, and always will be). :)


      1. That usually is the case,:) children will be closer with parents of the opposite sex.Trust me ,i’ve read a lot of papers on this very subject as i told you in one of my previous replies in an another page of yours that i am a follower of mother goddess and that’s the reason for my attraction to your blog.Giantess in a way is like a “mother goddess” .I really love the way you think and the clear and earthly manner in which you put down your thoughts.I’d love to ,interact with you more,if that’s possible. :)
        Yes mom is a wonderful woman ,for me she’s a perfect mom which any guy can ask for.The relationship that we share has always been like that of friends.Maybe it’s because ,i’m the only child or maybe because ,i was the only one around her as dad is in the merchant navy.


  4. Hi Andy, I’m going to reply here because the cascading replies get quite narrow after a few comments. Thank you for the link! I gave it a cursory look and I’m sure to agree with some of the points she makes. And thank you as well for the nice words. :)

    When you say “that usually is the case” I will repeat what you also mentioned and comment that familial relationships are never fixed. I’ve observed the exact opposite when growing up in South America. Women there are closer to their mothers than they are to their fathers. Again this ebbs and flows differently, as I’m very close with my mom now. It’s safer to say that whatever the general view is on parent-child relationships, there’s always bound to be someone that has experienced something palpably different.


    1. No need to thank me ,you deserve it.I mean it’s refreshing to see and hear a woman going hammer and tongs about what she feels and dreams about ,most of the time ,their dreams and needs are suppressed because of what the society thinks of as being right for a woman.It’s like a window into the hidden world of a woman.I have this view because ,i have seen the same unbridled rawness of nature, hidden most of the time in mom and she’s sort of is like you too.Since she’s my mom and trusts me and loves me more than anyone else in this world.She does share her inner most secrets and things close to her with me and i do get to see different facets of a mother/woman.Our brains are our biggest sex organs aren’t they? :) and sexuality is the creative force of nature which shouldn’t be suppressed .If you have interest in TANTRA/ADVAITA philosophy ,then you’d love it.As in it sexual energy is called KUNDALINI energy which is the mother goddess present in us and as you know sexuality is the mother of love ,spirituality/religion and creativity.We are followers of TANTRA/SHAKTA/ADVAITA ,so for us sexuality is something divine.
      Why i went through all that spirituality stuff here is ,because i see that energy being very strong and active in you and my intention is not to get religious here.Though sexuality is the core of spirituality/religion,relationships(familial or otherwise) and life itself. :)


  5. I’m never going to agree with you on some things. Sexuality isn’t the mother of love or creativity, but the opposite. It’s impossible for me to view it that way, since the spirit is the “parent” or “house” of bodily experiences, and there are other experiences, especially in the (non sexual) creative process that can be far more intense than any sexual one. Anyway, the same as you, it is not my intention to get religious in my blog, but this is an interesting conversation. I may not agree with you, but I enjoy discussing these topics! :)

    And you are correct when you say that I’ve observed different perceptions when a man expresses himself sexually, than when a woman does. Not in all cases, but it’s still there, quite prevalent in society. It’s even in me. Part of me thinks if I felt 100% secure about myself, I would not keep this blog a secret. At the same time self-assuredness dictates I don’t strut around flaunting my likes to every audience I can procure.


    1. When it’s said that “sexuality is the mother of love and creativity”,it’s at the subconscious level .Anyway it’s a huge topic and if i go on about it here ,we would end up explaining/discussing a lot of things including Sigmund Freud,Otto Rank , Jung and theories on genetic fitness etc.Our subconscious plays a VERY(make that all our decisions are based on it) important role and sexuality believe it or not starts from the womb itself.It’s a interesting topic to learn about.
      To put it in context to your blog , or spirituality,or religion and life itself(humans or otherwise).Sexuality forms the core of it.Your blog is no different from the works of a poet,painter, nuclear physicist ,black smith ,a tennis pro,or any human activity for that matter .We all are using that sexual energy to to do and be what we are.It can be creative or destructive based on how we see it ,or how our subconscious reacts to it.So we may not be aware of it,but still we will be using it.Lack of that sexual energy will cause problems for sure mentally and physically.Excess of it can be creative and destructive too,so basically it depends on how we react to it.If we subconsciously learn to or be able to channelize it through love/ for good(love,work,research,spirituality/religion etc) then the whole society and world will be a better place. If we try to suppress it or deny it,then it will find other harmful(destructive to individual as to the society)ways to go around the impediment.It’s a force of nature and like a river it WILL find a way through. :)
      Hope i didn’t bore you. :)


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