Just the two of us!

And I would walk 2,642 miles, and I would walk 2,642 more

Is there any reason whatsoever I should be this happy someone from the city where I was born should make it to my blog? Maybe not, but it still makes my heart pound with glee that it happened.

See, what typically happens when I spot my birth flag in my site stats is that the visitor somehow ended up at my blog while apparently looking for something else, the evidence of that being that they never stay for longer than one “click” (as in, the first page they see is the page from which they flee).

But you can see that this person lingered for a while, and checked out several pages; s/he didn’t run, s/he didn’t cower in fear. I’m not the only one! Now I can honestly say there are at least two people from my country that have these fantasies. So, paisan@, I dedicate this song to you. :)

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