I had the Audacity to change my gender…

…and it only took a few seconds. I was at one of my favorite blogs looking at fun stuff to use later on for various purposes that don’t only involve collaging, when I spotted a video of Andrew Cooper. You probably don’t know who he is and that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that near the end of the video I found out that the fun tune that had been playing during it was sung by a woman (Kelly Clarkson), and not a man. The creator of the video had used Audacity to change the pitch of her voice, and make her sound like a man.

I’d heard of such things before, but in the opposite context of men making themselves sound like women. This was the first time I’d heard an example of the results (that I know of), and I was surprised at how convincing it sounded. I’d downloaded Audacity years ago, so obviously I had to try this! I sound awesome as a man. I’d totally call me on the phone all the time, just to hear my voice… unfortunately my tweaked voice sounds just like one of my younger brother’s, which is a tremendous turnoff. :lol:

No wonder some of you ask themselves if the people you deal with are truly who they say they are. If I had “dealings” with anyone online and it turned out he was a she, I’d not be insanely happy about the deceit. That sort of thing will never happen to me though. I’m fairly sure most of you have penises. :)

I now introduce to you Andrew Cooper, insanely hot man that should be collaged more often (which is why he’s my next Shrunken Man of the Week):

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