Shrunken Man of the Week: Andrew Cooper

He takes good care of my books.

While in real life I have a more conservative taste in men, in my fantasies little guys are drop-dead gorgeous. I’m not above collaging average-looking people, but it’s perhaps unfortunate that these regular folks don’t sit around taking photos of themselves in various poses suitable for shrunken-men collages.

Because of the above fact, and because I refuse to use Underwear Guy in my collages, years ago I ended up looking for material in gay blogs. The men in these blogs are beautiful to an unrealistic degree. As a grown woman I haven’t tried to be superficial, at least no more than the rest of us, but when I’m alone with my thoughts, do you think I’m going to picture Underwear Guy, or Andrew Cooper? My cramped hand can answer that easily: the latter.

(My hand is not really cramped, but if I keep looking up this gorgeous man’s photos and videos on the Internet, it will probably fall off by Monday.)

As to my little bookworm (role that Andrew Cooper is playing beautifully), he’s just my little guy, doing those tiny tasks he loves to do for me. I love to read, so I’ve accumulated hundreds of books with the passage of years. Books get dusty, moldy, and invaded by silverfish. My sweet little man takes very good care of my books. He carefully removes dust and moisture with bitty squares of cloth he’s procured all by himself (I don’t ask him, he doesn’t tell me he cuts them from my most delicate garments), and he hunts down all paper and glue-eating insects that might try to infest my shelves.

You might think there’s nothing sexy about my tiny man’s actions as I just described them, but that’s as much nonsense as my trying to tell a giantess fan that imagining watching a very tall lady pull trees off your backyard in an effort to seduce you isn’t sexy. Not that she needs to do anything but pluck you and carry you off in the vise of her powerful hand, but there is something heart-pounding and magical about watching a being of a different size do something just for you.

Right before they get naked, that is.

4 thoughts on “Shrunken Man of the Week: Andrew Cooper

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  1. No puedo creer que haya tardado tanto en encontrar este blog. Después de tanto tiempo en GDC, y después de que Oz cerrara el sitio, hay alguna gente con la que he seguido en contacto (sobre todo con Sweet Angel), pero no sabía nada de “Violet” hasta hoy.

    Lo sé, lo sé… ya no usas ese nombre, pero es el que yo conocía. Ya ves que yo sigo usando el mismo nombre. Por cierto, reconocí tu estilo antes incluso de mirar en IAQ y ver que eras tú.

    Sé que no estoy comentando la imágen, que es para lo que está este campo de comentarios, pero no he visto ninguna otra forma de mandar un mensaje a la autora del blog. Si me he equivocado, por favor borra este comentario para que no estorbe.



    1. Hola Duke!

      ¿Cómo estás? Me da gusto saludarte después de todo este tiempo. Todavía extraño GDC de vez en cuando. Dejé de visitar foros durante un tiempo y ahora voy a Giantess City, pero participo muy negligiblemente.

      Tu comentario no estorba y no tengo reglas estrictas de seguir el tema en los comentarios que publico. :) La manera de contactarme está el la parte superior derecha de esta página, en el enlace “About”. No es un lugar muy obvio, así que comienzo a pensar que sería una buena idea hacerlo mas visible.

      ¡Saludos para Sweet Angel y para tí!


  2. I like to think I’d be walking back to my car in the Mall parking lot, when I look up from the ground to see you walking towards me, a small device in your hand. You’re looking me up and down, then you look around as you get close to me you lean towards me, and say “You’ll do” then everything goes black. I wake up in darkness, not knowing I am now the inhabitant of one of your shoe boxes


  3. Ya know, that matches one of my favorite scenarios, almost word by word. The only differences in what I’ve pictured is that the place where the abduction takes place is a public library, and my little guy ends up in a dollhouse. My shoe boxes are for my shoes, after all. :lol:

    Oh, and the small device is usually a spray bottle, an atomizer that contains a potent shrinking formula.


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