Those Korean Air ads!

I just had to. Love them!

(Ten days later….)

This is what “I just had to” means: I had to post the video even though I still don’t own my own computer, because I really enjoyed it when I saw it on TV. Remember that poker face I’ve mentioned before? The one I sport when I spot media that relates to “this”? The kind that makes me hope no one notices what I’m thinking. Well, when this ad came on, I was so into it that I never noticed people in the room calling my name once, twice, three times. Nope, I was in my own giant world, wishing I was roaming those little cities, thinking That should be me one hundred times before I realized someone was trying to get my attention. 

The man in these ads should either be much smaller, or not there.

15 thoughts on “Those Korean Air ads!

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  1. Es realmente notable… Estos inocentes coreanos, creando material para los GTS-fans sin saberlo.

    Pero, !hey¡. Por fin una entrada nueva. Se extrañaban mucho, de verdad (no ha mucho creo que comenté alguna entrada antigua por ahí…). ¿Ya recuperó su Mac, o es que ha posteado desde otro computador?

    Como digo, es realmente un gusto volver a leerla. Muchas gracias


    1. Hola Daki,

      Gracias por el comentario. :) No he recuperado mi Mac, o adquirido una nueva todavia. Esta noche tengo la oportunidad de postear con privacidad, asi que aqui estoy.

      Como siempre he pensado, la diferencia de tallas en seres humanos tiene tan amplia traduccion para propositos publicitarios que no me queda mas que estar muy agradecida a campanas publicitarias que la utilizan y nos dan un gusto sin apercibirse. Ja!


  2. To take Mr. Adams out of context: “…if life is going to exist in a Universe of this size, then the one thing it cannot have is a sense of proportion.”

    Not to mention the perks…

    “Is that one of those tacky Eiffel-tower-in-a-snowglobe things?”
    “No, that’s one of those real Eiffel-tower-in-a-snowglobe things.”


    1. When I was a child and got to play with those snowglobes (I think it was at a friend of my mom’s house), a secret part of me peered inside for a long while, trying to spot the little people that surely lived in those tiny homes. I was also reluctant to shake the things. How rude would that have been.


  3. Nice commercial, I’ve never seen these. Loved the image of fine dining on the plane’s wings, unlike the typical flier’s experience (scarfing down a steak and cheese while squashed in the middle seat).

    Welcome back. :)


    1. Thank you! I had not seen them before either, though it seems they are about a year old. My favorite image of a giantess (myself) relating to an airplane has always been about holding one of them in my hand, but sitting on it as I travel is a nice second best.


    1. That’s what I thought! What could be more unrealistic than giants? Everyone knows giant beings are only female.

      No new computer yet. I have to move past some other (seemingly more urgent) expenditures, and then I’ll be ready to save up for it. :)


  4. Glad to see you’re back. I too prefer the shrunken men to the giant women scenarios. The idea of a lady being able to live an inconspicuous life with a dirty little secret rather than being the centre of attention is far more appealing for exactly the reasons the following little video demonstrates. But seeing as you’re posting bona fide giantess content, AND since you have been on record as having a thing for musicians, I thought you might like this clip.


    1. Hi, Petronius,

      As always you post the most fabulous videos. Thank you! I love it. I don’t think I’ve seen it before (I believe I would remember it), and lately I don’t have the time or privacy to look for these videos, so I’m happy you’ve let me know about it.


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