A mega giantess dream

WhiteBoots.pngA few nights ago I dreamed I received a pair of boots. I don’t remember the rest of the dream; only that the boots were brown, lace-up, ankle high, and had a thick, soft lining of make-believe fur. Last night I was at a birthday reunion and someone there pulled a pair of boots from a bag, and gave them to me. The boots looked like the ones in my dream. I didn’t say anything about the dream, or thought much about it, because I no longer place any value in premonitory psychic “bites” I receive in my dreams. They’ve brought me nothing but meh, as they are inconsequential at best. Remember that Christopher Walken skit where he spoofs his “Dead Zone” character as he predicts inconsequential events? That’s me and my dreams about the future. No lotto numbers, no presages about terrorist attacks, nothing important or meaningful or useful.

A while back I had this dream that I was watching TV when a news announcer interrupted whatever regular programming to inform viewers about the sudden emergence of two volcanoes somewhere in central U.S. I’m not going to embarrass myself by showing my ignorance of U.S. geography and admitting that when the dream TV showed satellite photos of the two volcanoes, I thought they were in Utah. The material point is that the event was cataclysmic in nature to the degree that mass extinction was imminent, as the volcanoes’ craters were hundreds of miles in diameter, and their ash clouds would eventually cover us all. Naturally I decided to use my growth powers to save the day.

Normally that is the moment in a dream when I feel myself grown, and all manner of tingly fun takes place. Instead, the next second I found myself an ultra giantess. I’d thought that if I also grew the ice cubes in my freezer, I could put them in the craters, effectively extinguishing them; so I found myself carrying a cumbersome amount of ice cubes cupped in my palms and against my body. I looked at “Utah” (really Kansas), and to my dismay I discovered that someone had already dumped ice cubes in the volcanoes, and done a piss-poor job of it. Some of them were scattered about, crushing neighboring cities, and there weren’t enough cubes to counter all the lava beginning to bubble forth from where Topeka and Burlington used to be.

Never mind that my feet crushed thousands more as I approached the pot-sized volcanoes and put them out with my ice cubes. In a normal giantess dream this would have been the time to come on to a city and make out with it, have my way with its citizens in a gentle fashion, kill almost no one as an inevitable consequence… but no. I completed my task and woke up, feeling frustrated and wtf’ey. To prevent this terrible dream from ever coming true, I’m abstaining from making ice cubes for the following twelvemonth. That ought to take care of it.

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  1. Year ago when calculators were marvelous and new I tickered with one that was in distress, spontaneously performing all kinds of wonderful tricks. The red LED display dimmed for no reason. It counted by itself (very fast). It blinked and displayed things that weren’t numbers. Within its narrow limitations it was going gleefully nuts. I like to think that it was dreaming. Dreams are a way of ruminating thoughts away from the hub-bub of conscious action, and like most forms of introspection they offer some value, but I refuse to buy a lotto ticket based on one.

    Utah has volcanos. So you’re safe there… :) …Yellowstone, though, is the site of America’s super volcano. We’re definately going to need your help if that puppy decides to play.

    Now, as to your mega dream. It sounds rather like sitting down to a scrumptious looking turkey dinner, only to find that the bird is made of baked cheeze whiz. This is a perfectly good time to have a heart-to-heart chat with your ID to see what the hell it was thinking. Though knowing how it works it was probably something along the lines of: “Cue the gigantic feelings. Take some slow, measured steps. Enjoy how the little cities shake and quake. Okay, time to focus on the fun stuff, let’s start by…ooo, look, I see something shiny…” (sound of the ID wandering off, leaving the dream to careen out of control into a ditch).

    The best cure for that sort of thing is to have a really terrific day-dream (in this case accompanied by a mug of hot chocolate). The super-ego isn’t nearly as wayward, though it does tend to be a bit more mother hen’ish. “Put that bus down, you don’t know where it’s been!”


  2. Good to see another post here. My Undersquid levels were getting low :) I know that wishing for a volcanic apocalypse is probably wrong, but I would almost brave one to get a chance to see an ultra-sized you.


  3. According to Disney’s Cinderella, “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” From this, we can conclude that you wish to grow to an ultra-giantess size, drop ice cubes on Utah, and crush thousands at the same time. >.> I’m scared of going to Utah. ;-;


    1. Oh my. When I commented here initially I didn’t realize this blog was actually pretty much dedicated to size difference. Now this comment seems really dumb. :-| Blurgh.

      Update more often! :O


  4. Lol all posts are on this page. I just have somthing to say. Your dream about the boots sounds far fetched ( no offense) but your memory of the boots could have been altered once you saw the real life boots, so i think your mind altered the memory subconciously and thusly making you thinking your pshycic.
    P.S. They are coming…..


  5. Foraging through the undergrowth, I stumble upon this blog that has been sleeping for a while. Had it been awake I might not have dared to say anything, would have watched from afar, briefly, secretly, as I always do – and then run away.

    Emboldened by its apparent slumbering form, I pull myself away from safety of the (relatively) thick foliage (ach, the sun is so bright for one so small) and say I hope your dreams of real life have been beautiful, and continue to be.

    Quick, back the the relative safety of the anonymous undergrowth! (I think I saw a bird) *scrams*


  6. This is a fantastic blog! Why hasn’t it seen any action recently? I need stories of giant women to comfort me! I’m so small and alone I need a giantess!


  7. ZOMG, this was awesome. Hilarious, and awesome. I love the dream-logic (“Ice cubes! I have those!”) juxtaposed with the real-world physics, with a lovely frosting of someone else having tried this solution and executed it poorly. Another giantess? Just some ambitious cryo/shipping unit? It’s never explained. I love this.


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