I want these


Some clever chap (or chit) in Turkey came up with these. The brand is Penti, and apparently I’m going to risk being kidnapped and recruited by insane fundamentalists, when I fly to Turkey to get me some. It appears they re not available locally.

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  1. I’ll get started on those right away so you can have some American made ones! Although I would probably have to use my body for the dangling man. Whew, those are going to be long days for me! *~_^*


    1. Let’s not be silly now. While I was being facetious, there’s potential for being kidnapped anywhere in the world, and it actually does happen.

      Fortunately for me, no self-respecting zealot is going to go through the trouble of kidnapping someone who is no longer a pre-menstruating virgin.


      1. I almost had to go to work in Turkey 10 years ago. Fortunately, 10 years ago tomorrow (15 July) I was given my two week notice. *whew* I never forgot “Midnight Express”.


    1. I certainly hope so! I think it would be easier for you to purchase them directly than it would be for me. Hmm, I see you wrote this comment almost a year ago. I bet by now you’ve found a pair of them for her. :)


  2. You might also enjoy tiny-man necklaces; link below. In fact, if you’re ever going to see Ant-Man or some other shrunken-content movie – there’s a new one coming out called Downsizing with Matt Damon that sounds wonderful – and you need a date, I’d be so there. I mean, you know – THERE. No need to pay second admission for a little guy hanging between your breasts. No need to buy a big popcorn; just “accidentally” drop a piece down there for him. And if you’re enjoying the show and want to let him know, just give him a little squeeze. I would love to be your accessory!

    (Sorry; fake email to remain confidential!)



    1. No, not creepy. Unless by “creepy” you mean “awesome”. Unfortunately, I still can’t find them anywhere. Not even eBay. I wish I could enlist the help of family members overseas, but I don’t want to begin to explain the reason I’d go through such lengths to get a piece of novelty lady wear.


      1. I… didn’t see the “sold out” notice previously, on the Fancy curation site. Verdammt. Well… I know tailors and clothiers… if that’s a matter of simple embroidery or appliqué, it should still be within the realm of accessibility…

        I mean, I know people in Turkey, but they’re rather preoccupied at the moment.


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