The End


Bookend, that is. Next time I need bookends, I’ll get this kind. How adorable!

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  1. Wow…somebody had fun designing that.
    I would have suggested different books, though…
    A story by Edwin A. Abbott
    Richard Hooker’s most famous novel
    A “making of” book for a very popular Quentin Tarantino movie
    And I suppose a certain Louise May Alcott story wouldn’t be out of place, either… :)


    1. You mean, “Tall Women”, right? Yes, I read that one many times when I was a child. :D

      While those are great book selections, my choices would be:

      1. Der kleine Mann, by Eric Kästner
      2. The Wee Free Men, by Terry Pratchett
      3. Pequeño Hombre, by Emilio Rojas


    1. That’s a wonderful gift. And a long overdue congratulations on your marriage! My best wishes to you both. :)

      I don’t know what happened to this wordpress theme. Commenters used to be able to post pictures and videos. I’ll have to look into that.

      Here’s the color I want for myself:


  2. Once again, the giantess/shrinkfetish mythos emerges in playful merchandising. That’s what makes Richard Sharpe Shaver’s work so riddlesome: what if giantesses did exist in the collective unconscious, a residue from actually having been here? The Nephilim appear in four books of the Bible, despite ostensibly having been wiped out the first time they appear. What if there’s a very good reason some of us remember and click into this concept so easily?

    Today, cute little bookends. Tomorrow..?


    1. I really enjoyed reading the bible when I was a kid, but mostly I focused on Revelation, and I only took it in as a work of fantasy. I’m not sure what you mean by “remember”, but I’ve pondered about this residue you mention. I’d really like to know this very good reason my brain lights up like a flashing rainbow when I think about that shrunken guy.

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      1. “Remember” is more accurate. Have you read up on the Berenstein/Berenstain phenomenon? I want to massage that into a broader GTS story arc, where there was a world with giants/giantesses, but it merged into a parallel world. The strands of history they shared in common remained, but then there was a population of people who agreed with each other in remembering things that no one else did. So maybe I Remember Lemuria wasn’t quite so fabulous.

        And me too. I’d like to know why the thought of a gigantic woman crouching and crawling through a city to find where I’m hiding creates such dizzying thrill in my head, my gut, and every nerve ending. Which chromosome governs that? Was it simply a matter of staying home sick in first grade and watching the Attack of the 50′ Woman/Village of the Giants double-feature on UHF? Really? Why does being gripped in the soft and incontrovertible palm of a titaness do it for me but strike fear and revulsion in the hearts of others?

        Why? Why? Why, everything?


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