You know what I’m going to say. Why do I need to say it? C’mon. So I went to some forum to try to steal what a poster I enjoy might have written about Paul Rudd in this role, but there was nothing worth plagiarizing there, so it’s up to me to tell you my important thoughts. Paul Rudd is perfect for this role. I already loved him in “Clueless,” and every other movie he’s permeated; it almost doesn’t matter what he’s doing in them, he’s the perfect mix of cuteness and vulnerability found in my favorite shrunken men.

Not that he’s made my LIST of favorite shrunken men, but after I watch this movie he might very well find himself plunged deep in it. It’s all down to him, and how many times during the movie I’m distracted with turpid thoughts. I wager a minimum of forty. Feel free to place your bets. As to what might happen in the movie, who cares? I’m not familiar with Ant-Man, or his storyline, but as long as there’s something big happening to his tininess, I’ll shuck the bucks. It will help if Ant-Man does this:

You know you want him. Well, maybe not you, but do start your Matchbox engines, because in exactly three months I’ll thunder my way to my local Carmike Cinema, I’ll peel off the roof, and I’ll crush whoever talks during the movie.

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