Legends of Tomorrow

The best Atom

I never liked Christopher Reeve’s Superman, but it was much better than any other Superman that had ever been translated into screen. When Brandon Routh made his appearance in the role, I thanked the Lords of Kobol. Now that man is my cup of tea. His face is the kind of face I’ve been fantasizing with since I was a wee lass. I don’t remember that movie very well, but he fixed the franchise for me.

I had no idea he was in Legends of Tomorrow until I started watching it. I gave the series a chance despite the fact that I have never watched Arrow, and tried to watch The Flash and only got through the first disc (with tears of boredom). I also had no clue there was a shrinking character in it. Boy, imagine my surprise when I see Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, becoming incredibly small.

I don’t care how campy the series is, or how ridiculous the dialogue, or cliche the storyline. Watching Atom shrink small enough to enter a woman’s bloodstream gave me the most serious lady wood I have had in a long time. I’m going to keep watching the series, but please tell no one the reason. I actually find it entertaining, but keep that to yourself as well.

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  1. Well, golly, look at you, posting for the first time in…[looking back]…a while. Enjoying something for reasons that no one else can discern is a joy. The only downside is coming up with credible explanations for the smiles…


    1. Yes. I sometimes have the fleeting, irrational thought that people will be able to tell I’m thinking something naughty (and its very nature), so I try to freeze my smile if I catch it sprouting. There’s nothing I can do about the heart pounding and the cheeks blushing.

      It’s a comfort to look at some of the photos of people with “this,” and see there’s no widespread sharing of a telltale mole, or wart, or eye gleam that reveals our dirty, diiiirty thoughts.


  2. I think it’s okay to like any or all of this rash of superhero movies we’re seeing lately. I haven’t gotten into them only because it seems impossible to enjoy any new show without adjusting your mindset to anticipate losing days and weeks of your life to a new series—I get restless and start to think that I should be writing.

    What’s intriguing to me is to hear of a woman who is attracted to the idea of a man shrinking. I just have never heard of such a thing before, and if it has happened once, why, there must be a hundred such creatures, evenly distributed throughout the globe, waiting to manifest…


    1. That’s what I thought, years ago! That we were legion. In my mind, since my responses have followed such a familiar path for as long as I can remember, I naturally assumed there were many like me. A desire for sameness, and whatnot. Now I believe it’s just the three of us.


      1. For an entirely new reason, I would love to be the fly on the wall for that conversation.
        “Hey, what’s up…”
        “Not much. Just fantasizing about that intern shrinking down, storing him in my shoe. You know.”


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