Two Things

Today was a bad day… but it was also a great day! I was out somewhere, watching people eat, and at a table nearby there was a couple. She was cute, with short blond hair and nifty tattoos on her neck and upper arms, and at least 5’10” tall; he was adorable, with brown hair and beard, and couldn’t have been taller than 5’6″. I nearly lost it, watching them. I found myself thinking about the way she would talk to him when they were alone, calling him “my little man”, and putting his things on the top shelves so he would have to ask her to fetch them. That’s what I would do if I had a little guy of my own. Well, at 2 inches in height, everything would be out of reach for him, except my toes. My ankles, if he has a strong grip.

I felt myself turn a deep shade of crimson while watching them go. Boy, what fun.

C’mon, honey! Just a little bit higher…

And the other thing. I’ve been going to Family Video quite often, even when I have no reason to, and my plaid-wearing guy was never there. I figured he changed his schedule, or stopped working there, but tonight he was there! And I felt so happy to see him, I started following him around the store, trying to figure out something to say to him, anything! I couldn’t, so I reluctantly got in line to rent my disc, when he opened up his register and told me he could help me. Yay!

His face was clean-shaven, and (of course) he was wearing a plaid shirt, but his pants were not loose fitting, and I could see he has FANTASTIC legs. You could have knocked me over with a feather. My mom was standing right next to me, but did I care? I happily stared at his backside with what must have been a foolish grin on my face. God, he’s so cute. So, so cute. I want to shrink him so badly. Well, at least I get to think the hell out of him tonight. I’ll imagine we are alone in the store, and I ask him to reach up and get me a DVD from the highest shelf, and he will try, shocked to see that he can’t reach it when he always could before. I’ll tell him, “What’s wrong, big fella? Oh my, whatever is going on with you?” And he’ll get smaller, and smaller, so tiny I’ll be able to pick him up between finger and thumb, and you bet he won’t be wearing plaid anymore.

Sigh. Happy times.

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  1. I’ve wondered the same thing about significantly size-differentiated couples. I go out to an indie rock show and see the four-foot-something girl with the six-foot-seventeen guy, and I wonder if she has ever earnestly attempted to scale him (guessing not: she’s probably sick of always being so short, doesn’t need this underscored for herself). Or I see a short, slender guy with a very tall, very curvy woman, and I wonder at their power dynamics: does he have an advantage (besides worshipping her) that keeps her around, or has she simply selected a willing toy for extended use?

    Out of all the women I’ve dated, only one ever tried to use her size to dominate me (I’m not short, I just got lucky). Twenty years later, I still wonder what I could’ve done to make that scenario play out twice.

    And I’m very happy for you and this sparky flush-crush you get to enjoy with the video store guy. Reading your thoughts puts a warm smile on my face.


    1. Thank you. He is a fun kick in the brain’s pleasure center, to be sure.

      I’ll tell you this: When I was a young girl, I’d get these crushes on boys, and later, when I pointed them out to my mom, she would invariably say, “But he’s so short!”

      I never noticed. I always thought they were perfect.

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  2. Gosh and golly, wasn’t that a passionate expression of pure hunger for shrinking powers. He should feel the little hairs on the back of his neck rising like a rabbit being stalked by a lioness… ^.^


    1. Now that is a great image! I wad thinking today, if a shrinking formula really existed, and I used it on him, he’d be one of those truly terrified, unwilling, grief-stricken subjects that would probably got insane in captivity. So…

      Shrinking-formula creators out there, please add some memory erasers/mood enhancers to the mix, eh? Thanks!


  3. Such a lovely image, that bit when you say that at 2 inches tall everything would be out of reach for him except your toes. And if he was even smaller, even your toenails would be too high for him. Here’s hoping he’d be up for a climb. In any case, love your imagination.

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  4. I’ve often thought of toeprint ridges as a sort of ladder rungs, don’t you think? Even when slanted on the negative as he begins from the floor up, I imagine his own infinitesimal fingers become prehensile enough to allow for a good grasp. It’s such a good visual.

    And thank you!


    1. At a certain size, yes, that’s how they’d look and feel for a shrinkee this small. Still, if he was fit enough, such a climb wouldn’t be too hard for him, nor take too much time. Of course, assuming you’d hold your foot still, but I trust you would. Micro sizes aren’t so popular, but there’s a lot of room for imagination with such drastic size differences. A good visual, like you said.

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        1. Yeah, I know what it’s like. It’s kinda redundant to make a micro collage unless the background is something close up, otherwise the tiny one gets lost in the big picture (hehe, get it? big pic- I’ll see myself out).

          That is a lovely collage you made, the pose suits perfectly. And his size is pretty close to perfect as well. But that’s my personal preference.

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