The Moment

One moment, anyway.

I don’t know exactly how old I was… I’m thinking four, or five years old when my parents took us to the movies to see The Gnome-Mobile. It had already been in and out of theaters for quite some time in the States, and down there, in my Motherland, it was only shown as the preview to the main attraction, and I can’t remember what that was. I can’t recall anything about the gnomes, or humans, or the silly movie plot. What I do remember was boredom. Terrible, soul-crushing boredom during the first twelve minutes of the movie, which as you know equal an eternity at that tender age.

I was fidgeting restlessly in my seat when the above scene came on. I remember feeling paralyzed, as though struck by lightning. I remember my head felt like it was on fire, and my brain was cooking in it. That difference in size between the cute little gnome and the girl was some kind of ground zero for feelings I could not verbalize. All I knew to do was to sit in my seat and watch. I hoped it would happen again, this I’m-looking-up/down-at-you interaction, but it never did, and the rest of the movie was moved to Memory Banks of the Irrelevant.

I also knew to keep very quiet about the way I was feeling. I couldn’t have explained it anyway… the same way I couldn’t explain my deep disappointment when I finally watched Snow White, and saw that the Dwarves were distinctly huge, and not particularly fetching. As time moved on, I thought back on that moment and wondered what the hell it might have meant to feel that way, to have that particular scene of the movie galvanize me in such a manner. I never had an answer. Not until I finally had the notion to look it up on the Internets.

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  1. Yes, exactly! The Gnome-Mobile! Darby O’Gill and the Little People! I was always on the edge of my seat, waiting for A Certain Thing to happen that never did. “Come on, just… put your hand down… and you, you walk up into it and sit down on her palm… and now, kiss…” I don’t even think I had the wherewithal to question this in myself. That was just where I wanted the story to go, and I told myself stories all the time. I did know that it was never a good idea to share every last thought with adults or even friends, at least.


    1. I never watched Darby O’Gill and the Little People when I was a child, but I gave it a try a couple of years ago. Nothing about it moved me. Funny how that goes. And it’s funny as well how we talk to the narrative. I was [mentally] yelling at Into The Woods when I watched it, because the giant people were insane, cruel, and remarkably ugly. Why? Why can’t there ever be a proper giantess in these movies? One that’s kind, clever, and… sure, she’s known to kidnap the odd fellow here and there, but in turn she’s sooo helpful during harvest season, and she sure keeps those nasty goblins from the neighboring kingdom at bay!

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      1. A lot of those movies went down the wrong path, for my tastes. Why would a tiny person waste his time chatting with some old guy, when there was a world of young women tucked away in their beds or daydreaming in their gardens? I guess there’s something about being an elemental force of nature that requires a certain two-dimensionality, a certain lack of imagination or appetite…

        Kickstarter. A retelling of Bébinn or Skaði needs to happen. All of them! Fenja and Menja! A gentle retelling to make them more interesting instead of just overlarge damsels in distress.


  2. For me “The Moment” was in “The Three Worlds of Gulliver,” when Gulliver lands his rowboat on the Brobdingnagian beach and encounters Glumdaclitch. That’s some moment!


    1. Very nice. I loved Los viajes de Gulliver when I was a kid, and picked it up from my book stash quite often. Guess which part was my favorite to read and reread. In fact, I’d often skip right to it. Again, imagining those interactions was quite the heady drug back then.


  3. Saw this as a kid myself, didn’t get the lightning bolt though. I came away with the image of the young gnome being chased, Sadie Hawkins style, by a bunch of women in the woods. Why has that not ever happened to me?


    1. Hahah! I prefer the image of a young gnome being chased by a bunch of normal-sized women, in the woods, or city, or apartment, anywhere. Now that’s a fate I’d wish on you. :)


  4. I had a revelation like this when watching Adventures of Sindbad that aired in 1996-98, specifically the episode where a witch shrinks him, wraps him in a handkerchief, puts him in her cleavage and later imprisons him in a bottle. Something about it felt right at that moment, and it took a while to understand why.

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    1. Exactly. That feeling. It makes those scenes your favorite scenes, and it made me wish entire movies were about those scenes.

      I would pay $10.00 to go to the movies and watch a shrunken man have a conversation with a woman. I don’t care what they talk about. Two hours of that. I’d take it, and say thank you.


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