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    1. She is not. I was thinking of editing it so she’s looking at him. I would have had to make him much smaller, and place him closer to her. I might still do that. I usually edit collages for three days, looking, staring, finding mistakes, until I’m semi happy with it. It’s inevitable, no matter how hard I work on a collage, I always find something I can improve.

      I’m glad to see you here! And blogging… what, twice a year? :)


  1. “I won’t say it twice.”

    “This is humiliating, Stace.”

    “You’ll feel worse if I do it for you.”

    He sighed, turned his head, and slid his shirt off his shoulders.

    The corner of her lips curled. “You’re beautiful. Why would you hide it? Why would you hide it from me?”

    His head rocked as he tried to sort out his new thoughts. “I’m shrimpy, now. I’m weak. I used to work out four times a week.”

    “It shows.” She leaned in, sniffed his hair, and hummed.

    He recoiled from her huge nostrils and stepped back. “Why would you do this to me? People used to get out of my way on the sidewalk. I’d give ’em a look and they’d fuck off. Now…” He looked down at his boots, smaller than the lacquered fingernails he stood between. “You made me helpless, Stace. Everybody’s gonna come after me.”

    She rested on her elbows, crossing her wrists behind him. He tried to step back again and came up against huge logs of flesh and bone. Slowly she rested her massive head on one forearm, grinning at him sideways. “I promise you, baby, no one will come after you. Anyone who wants you has to go through me, and nothing gets through me. Got it?”

    He swayed. His perceptions were flooded with the size of her face, sorting out her sideways features, his lust for his girlfriend and the threat of those sharp teeth that flashed every time she smiled or spoke.

    “And you were already helpless, you just didn’t know it.” Her thick tongue slithered out and poked at the button-fly on his jeans. “You needed an illustration to bring the message home to you. When you get this, really get it… then maybe we’ll talk about growing you back up.”

    He stammered, transfixed by the glistening, churning muscle. “You can reverse this? When?”

    Her tongue retracted and her jaws opened wide. She gusted a wall of warm, humid air into his entire person. “Depends on how quick of a study you are, stud.”

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    1. Lovely. Completely different from what I have in mind, but perfect for it just the same. I like the glimpse you offer into his character, the way he was before he became tiny. It certainly sounds as though he needed to change for the better. No one likes a bully, and who better to show him the way than a much taller girlfriend?

      She’s either lying about growing him back up, or she’s telling the truth, but it’ll turn out he’ll never want to go back up to that unwieldy size. He looks so much better now.

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      1. Sure, this was only my reaction at the picture. Ten people could look at it and get different takeaways, none of which might resemble the artist’s intent. That’s an interactive piece. I was just taken by the muse to crib a short piece.

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  2. I imagine his clothes are shrinking with him, up until now at least. Perhaps there will come a point where they start falling off of him. And then she’ll scoop him off the floor, watch him try to hold still on her hand, maybe even make him hold tight to that bang of hair of hers as she keeps looking.

    Good job with the collage. :)

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    1. Thank you, Balore. I was checking out your Deviant Art page. Some nice work you have there.

      And yes, if she sprayed him with a shrinking formula, then in my mind his clothes shrink as well. And it’d be a lot of trouble to collage a pile of clothes anyway. And that’s what he was wearing in the raw image. :)

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      1. I’m glad you did, even more so that you found something you like in there. Haven’t made a collage in a year, I should probably get back to it some time.

        In any case, she’s free to take these clothes off him when he’s done shrinking. Almost like unwrapping a candy, eh? :)

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