Choke, revisited

Remember this?

Of course you do, if you have tattooed every one of my posts on your forehead. But you haven’t, so I’ll just tell you that, years ago, when I saw the movie poster for Choke, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to create a fake movie poster. I think that’s what this, found online, is:

It doesn’t look real, but I never saw the movie. And it doesn’t look real because it’s too much what I would want it to be. Oh, if only. If it told the story of a little man, a handsome devil who finds himself constantly placed in the panties of his beloved girlfriend, a beautiful scientist who’s invented a new fabric, a wonderful material that allows a woman to keep her man “under wraps”, without fear of tearing the material and having him drop off, or out, etc., when the man at hand shifts and moves too much.

Governments would kill for that sort of fabric technology. Countries at war; heads of state on Skype, glaring at each other; secret agents breaking into the lab, finding the little guy in his crate as they look for the formula; kidnappings, extortions, rescuing rampages… oh, it boggles the mind. But I wouldn’t care. I would fast-forward/rewind it to those parts when she puts him in there and he protests (“it’s too hot”, “is it that time of the month?”), but he loves every minute of it.

Gah… I have to get my head on straight. I have to go pick out pumpkins.

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    1. Oh, I entirely agree. In theory, and in collaging fact. Luring into a shoe, or keeping him there as a reward or punishment, etc., I like.


  1. For some reason I remember an animated trailer/poster for that movie, in which the legs of a tiny man are slowly flailing from between a gigantic woman’s bee-stung lips. I understood the movie is supposed to be some kind of MRA-feel-good agitprop, but I could have watched that clip on endless rotation.

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  2. That sounds entirely more appealing than the only poster I’ve seen for it. I looked for the trailer you mentioned for a minute, and finally watched one for the movie. It doesn’t look like my cup of tea. Not one zombie, or explosion.

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