Collage number 171!

“Honey, you’re going to fall.”

“I’m not.”

“You are. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“If I fall, will you catch me?”

“You have to stop testing me. You know how I feel about you, no matter how small you are.”

“And what if I get smaller?”

“You won’t.”

“But how do you know?”

She gave him a look. The look. He knew he should stop testing her, if he didn’t want to spend the rest of this magnificent Saturday trapped in one of her tallest boots. He didn’t know how she had gotten the idea to punish him in such a way. Trapped inside all that leather, or the other ones, if she chose the cruelty-free ones, the shiny purple, hot ones. They offered no air circulation when worn, so they smelled much more like her. He looked down at himself, and saw that his body liked the idea.

Her look intensified when she noticed his mental process spelled out on his crotch. She narrowed her eyes for effect, and shook her head slowly.

“Don’t you even think about it. I’m not cleaning my boots again.”

He gave her a quick, sheepish smile, and lost his balance for a second.


“Be careful!” she said, and watched his little arms shoot from his sides as he waved them, and regained his footing. “Why do you do this, Little One? And why do you do this when I’m trying to read my book?”

“I’m not stopping- Oops. There. I’m not doing anything to prevent your important reading. I’m just having a little fun… getting limber and stuff. Gotta maintain my figure for you.”

She arched her right eyebrow at that. “Really? Is that why you organize raiding parties to the cookie jar? If it wasn’t for me, your loving wife, you’d be a rolling butterball. You would have tumbled off my foot a half hour ago.”

He stopped looking down at their bed, many of his feet below, and looked up at her face, many of his feet ahead, and smiled broadly, lovingly. Her heart jumped when he smiled. What a face, she thought. And all mine. She was beginning to forget her book.

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  1. A wonderful and sensual story, love the casualness of the whole situation and the genuine feeling between the two. Always had a soft spot for stories like this. And I also love the additonal bits, her trapping him inshoe, him possibly getting even smaller (if that is a possibility here). Good job with the collage as well, it acts as a great visual for the text that follows. Speaking of which, what was first, the picture or the story? Did you make a collage to portray the situation or did you write the story to explain the picture?

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    1. He might get smaller. She says he’s not, but I never know; not this early in the game, anyway.

      Thank you. The collage, which isn’t finished, I started in 2007, so it definitely came first. But it always happens that when I’m working on a collage, it whispers a story in my ears. The story might have been in my head already, to some degree, but this one was too specific to have been there before, until I started working on it.

      Some shadows are missing. I’ll get to them in 2116.


      1. Some missing shadows are better than no shadows at all. These are tricky, I’ll give you that, I haven’t gotten the gist of how to add them properly myself. In any case, like I said earlier it’s a great visual to the story, so no matter which comes first they compliment each other. After all, inspiration comes from multiple sources, no?

        I like to imagine he does get smaller. So small, in fact, that she could drop him in her sneaker and ensure he stays there for as long as she wishes (since he’s too tiny to climb out on his own) while he cries out in protest in his hardly audible, high-pitched voice. And as she goes about her day he’s still there, lost in the vast expense of something as trivial as his wife’s shoe, waiting for her to relieve him of the punishment. While also praying she remembers he’s in there and doesn’t do something as risky and unconcious as putting her foot inside.

        But that’s just me and I wouldn’t go as far as to tell you how your story goes. You know it better, it’s yours.

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        1. I usually do what my G.I. Joe tells me… or used to do, I should say. I bought a G.I. Joe doll years ago, and when I needed help figuring out a shadow placement, I’d pose him in the same position as my collage element, and obtain a shadow blueprint.

          That G.I Joe moved to the landfill, so I need a new doll. Been looking for the right one.

          Oh, I think he likes it when she puts her foot in there. If he’s small enough, he can fit in the curl of her undertoes, and enjoy the dark, sweaty ride. He might “complain” later, but he likes it. :)


  2. All hers, indeed. I see the situation from both their angles: she could easily tuck him under one buttock and finish her chapter, she could sandwich him between her tender inner thighs to immobilize him in soft and yielding flesh. Block out his petulant screams.

    And he wants to feel free, to swing his arms and flex his legs… with a little libidinous Parkour all over his partner. If only there were a way to scurry, scale, crawl and slither all over her without irritating her with tickles and itching,..

    Very cute collage. Nice and subtle, just a fragment that says so much.

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    1. Sandwich! Yes, mansandwich. Manwich.

      But if there was a way for him to come and go as he pleases, there would be no response on her part, and we can’t have that. Not in this situation. He wants her to stop reading, so she’ll pay attention to him. In many ways, it’s the story of my life.

      And thank you.

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      1. That’s awfully audacious of him, then. He’s relying on her good graces and restraint for his livelihood. Based on what the world has shown me, she’d have zero compunction against snapping one of my little chicken-wing limbs to teach me a lesson, or just taping me to the ceiling of the microwave and informing me I’d better hope she doesn’t forget about me. That’s what the world has shown me. I’d rather live in your world. And I wouldn’t try your patience.

        Except when it was funny.

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        1. Yikes! Yes, in my world there would be no limb snapping, or microwaving. Sure, there would be plenty of patience trying, but that’s alright. A tiny man can’t be spineless, if he wants to move up in the world. He must be spirited, and courageous. In my world, that buys him a lot of leeway. After all, in my world I spend my days trying his patience. It’s always funny.

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          1. I have noticed that, in my interviews with giantesses. After rudeness and entitlement, one trait most giantesses regret in their Tinies is lack of imagination. All they want is a little guy who’ll take a chance, show some initiative, instead of standing there wailing plaintively to be led by the hand into adventure. This Tiny just wants to be sexually commandeered, to lie back and be serviced by a giantess: this is not a reciprocal relationship, and it’s not great escapism either.

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  3. Sure, that can be the case sometimes. It’s nice when reality matches one’s imagination, at least temporarily. It’s even nicer to find a good personality match for roleplaying. I haven’t dealt with little ones that just want me to type, because those are easy to whittle out long before any meaningful exchanges take place.

    But none are a match for the little guy in my mind. He’s beyond compare, even when he drives me to madness.

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