What does your giantess wear?

I’m not going to bring up politics at this time. Not here. This is my refuge from those things, which I constantly face, day in and out. This election in particular has torn my family apart. Some members of my family… let’s just say their crazy slip is showing. But never mind them. What about me? What the hell is wrong with me, that I feel the way I feel sometimes?

I go to Walmart, and I see certain people, and I feel certain ways. I want to do certain things, shout choice words, behave in a particular manner. That’s new. I wasn’t that way before. Whatever. I’ll work through it the same way I work through whatever illness, hormonal change, physical mutation, etc., manifests itself uninvited.

I have no mental process for the above, though. Just imagination. What is that visitor thinking? If they arrive here by accident, because they were searching for various “ways to flog your pet”, then what’s there to think? I can see they leave right away. But if they visit different pages, and stay on a few long enough to reveal they are reading the material… then what? How does that person marry their thoughts with their reality?

If they are female, then they have much more to worry about than having a certain cousin reveal on Facebook that she went to that rally. Thank you for the kick in the brain, perspective.

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  1. Always curious to see guests from exotic places. Doesn’t beat that one person who was browsing you from the middle of the ocean a while back, but still. Though I can’t imagine they’re thinking much, if they were they’d probably leave a comment, unless they’re shy. Oh, who the hell knows, the internet is a shopping mall the size of a galaxy. Everyone’s here for a reason and people keep passing each other each second without giving much thought.

    My giantess wears whatever’s comfortable to wear around the house, since I’m a shrinkee by nature and by nature I tend not to leave much. And she goes barefoot, because… reasons. Yeah. Reasons.

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    1. Hahah! Reasons.

      Yes, most visitors just pop in and out. A percentage stays and looks, and even a smaller percentage stays and reads. But no one from North Korea yet. So sad.


  2. That’s what Facebook and elections are good for: revealing all the people you were wrong about (blood-related or not).

    It does make me smile to see people follow my lewd IG acct., and I look at their front page and it’s all religious figures and badly Photoshopped scripture over flowers and sunrises and rhyming inspiration, plus the telltale geotag.

    It’s easy for me to believe they want what I’m offering. They want a break from the posture of piety and righteousness. They want to believe in a woman that comes striding into town, looming over the tallest buildings, one who will reach down and pluck them out of the crowd and carry them away from this world. Even I want that, swathed in white male Western heteronormative privilege as I am. I get it, and I don’t blame him, even as I smirk at the weak punchline of his hypocrisy.

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  3. That’s the tough part. I know I’m not wrong about my beloved family member, but there’s a cognitive dissonance that reverberates gigantically when I see some of the links they post.

    I don’t blame him, but I fear for her, if it’s a *her*. This blog would get me killed, over there.


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