I could have been doing this all along

It’s so simple.

I could have gone up to the roof of any local building, and I could have been taking pictures of myself, just positioned so as to appear gigantically close to the buildings behind me. It’s not a perfect illusion, but it works for me. Sadly*, I live in a small town that only has about five tall-ish buildings, so this fun idea wouldn’t work anyway. But wait until I visit Miami! Or New York (my best friend in the world is there right now, and she wants me to go see her, so I can help her kidnap Jon Bon Jovi)! Or a place where cars drive by more often than every thirty minutes (yes, I’ve timed them)!

In other news, today I received my NaNoWriMo 2016 t-shirt. Somehow I feel slightly invigorated to keep working on my dying story, so maybe it’s not a total loss. I can’t just sit here and fail. Unacceptable!

*Not really. I love this place.

5 thoughts on “I could have been doing this all along

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  1. Is this a thing people do? I know they do it with, like, the Leaning Tower and the Great Pyramid, but do people actually perch on ledges for forced-perspective shots? Is there a gallery of such things?

    And you could’ve been doing it all along, but nothing implies you’ll do it soon… does it?

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  2. I’ve seen it, here and there. I don’t know of a gallery. It’d be pointless to do it here, because of a lack of proper background. Also, I’d need someone to take the picture, and I’m not going to ask just anyone to take a photo of me so I look like a giantess. I’ll do it if I get to see my friend. She can be trusted with stuff like that; though, those images would never see the light of blog.

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  3. I remember this photoshoot back in the day, it had a lasting effect on me back in the day. And resulted in many a fantasy about being tiny around those huge feet of hers. Good times.

    I see you changed the blog’s layout. Is that a part of upcoming changes or did you want to try a new look? :)

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  4. No more changes. Years ago, before any of you little ones were born, I used to change my blog’s theme quite frequently. After I abandoned it, I naturally lost interest in modifying its looks. Now that I’m beginning to enjoy blogging again, it felt right to give it a fresh coat.


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