Caught staring!

And what happened to your clothes, little one?

Well, that was time not spent doing chores. Shame on me. I’ll go do them now, and tell you the story later. If you’re still awake.

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  1. I’m jarred by the total site reformat! But everything changes, doesn’t it? Looks good.

    I wonder how often that happens, when a hard-working giantess comes home, only to find her little guy writhing in juices with a sorry-not-sorry expression, like a puppy who really enjoyed tearing one, and only one, leather slipper apart.

    Good collage, though. I appreciate your attention to detail.

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  2. Sorry about the jarring. You’ll go into the safe pocket, next time there’s a giant change. Sound good?

    It happens all the time. Every day. And then various fun punishments ensue, screaming and protests and sundry, then the invariable making of hot peace, which looks a lot like the fun punishments, the screaming, and the protests.

    Thank you! It was a quick one, and I love how it turned out.

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    1. “Hot peace.” This is awesome. I love this phrase, and I’m going to roll it around in my head all day.

      Any giantesses who happen to glance down and notice me will see my delightful smirk, ask what that’s about, and I’ll toss up this playful phrase.

      They’ll misunderstand me, of course, and then I must perform the Dance of Seven Shoes, feinting this way and hurling my way clear that way. But as I crouch behind a clump of mums and they go stomping down the sidewalk, I’ll still be giggling to myself over this delightful phrase.

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      1. A clump of mums is no deterrent for a determined giantess. Sure, she’ll allow you to imagine you’ve found a safe place to hide, but that giggling will give you away. There’s no outrunning a giantess, you know? But why would you want to.

        I have 268 words that belong in this entry. I hope I’ll have time to get to it tonight.

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  3. Nicely done, I like her pose, it’s expressive enough to get the idea, without needing to see her face. And boy, how shameful of him. Hope he’s so ashamed he’ll shrink out of shame, shrink so much she can fit him whole in one of those pockets, and then some more. After she scoops his minuscule body from the floor, as he’s still gazing at her toes.

    But once again, it’s your story, and I’m looking forward to hearing it the way you planned it. :)

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  4. I like it when she’s too big to fit in the frame. I would have made him smaller, but I didn’t have any more length in the woman’s image. Still, I love that size, as I love all tiny male sizes.

    I’m not sure he gets smaller in this story. I haven’t finished it yet. I hardly ever plan these things. We’ll see where it goes. :)


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