Go Outside Magazine ads

Here I sat, thinking dark thoughts, when I decided to cheer myself up, and that’s what I did when I found ad campaigns starring little people. I love those guys. Sure, the little women may exist as well, but not in my head. Up here, there are office buildings bursting at the steely seams with beautiful tiny men, working hard to keep my giant world running; zooming about from meeting to meeting as I peek through their windows, and maybe focus on the one I want to see later, when the day is over, and it’s time for him to come home, to the dollhouse.

Maybe he’s shopping at the mall, and I’ll have to peel off that roof to find him. Fine with me. I may be gentle, but a few screams are OK with me as expendable people scamper off in horror, if it means I get to see him, and maybe his little fist as he shakes it in my direction, yelling at me. “Hey! You can’t do that!” he’d say. “Can’t do what?” I’d ask, innocently. “Can’t you see these people, running and screaming? And look at the ceiling! Look at this mess! It’s going to cost a lot of money to repair all this! And the mall will have to close down, and-”

“Oh, you poor little guy. I scared you, didn’t I? But look, no one is hurt. And I can just set this roof right back on.”

“That’s not the way engineering works! Or physics! Or reality!”

“Ooh, those are big words for such a little guy.”

“Such a- what? Are you crazy? Why did you do that?”

“I did it because I wanted to see you.”

“Wanted to… see me, you said?”

“Yes, you. C’mon. Climb into my hand, little man. Let’s get out of here.”

It’s an old story, maybe even cliche by now, but I don’t care. I love it, every time.

* * *

Advertising Agency: Talent, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: João Livi
Creative Directors: Eduardo Martins, Philippe Degen
Art Directors: Rodrigo Scapolan, Fabio Noremberg, Bruno Bomediano
Copywriter: Carlos Schleder
Illustrator: Gelmi Estúdio de Arte
Photographer: Mario Coelho
Retouching: Imagem Boreal
Art Buyer: Mario Coelho
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Debora Liotti

6 thoughts on “Go Outside Magazine ads

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  1. My judgment is questionable and I’m probably on the spectrum, but I could never be offended by that.

    “You pulled off that roof, just for me? You didn’t need something at Express? No, that couldn’t’ve been just for me… no, really?” *winning grin* “Well, what on earth can I possibly do for you?”

    Sorry, when a woman tears off the upper layers of commercial infrastructure… I’m hers. I just melt, every time.

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    1. I know the spectrum. I can sniff it out a mile away. I don’t see you on it. If I ever do, don’t worry, I’ll swat you off it. Speaking of which… the other side of this spectrum melts me as well: the little man tears off the foundation of a home, to get to the comparably giant woman that lives in it. Like a termite, or a determined mouse, he digs and picks and carries off debris, until he builds himself a burrow, a vantage point from which to observe, and learn how to best approach that woman. Not quite as open, but definitely the same range of resolve.

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  2. Always liked the idea of a giantess just taking what she wants, especially if that thing is a man. Like you describe here, by peelling off a roof just to get to him, even more so if she’s gentle. It’s almost like an act of love or any other positive feeling she has for him, to go for such measures, and I’m a sucker for fuzzy bits in such fantasies. So in other words I enjoyed this story. :)

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  3. Exactly! The same as those people that can’t help a certain behavior after they have specifically located head injuries, that giantess can’t help herself when she sees him, or meets him. She has to have him, or else. I really like the idea that he had “other plans”, but too bad! Uprooted, abducted, upended, off he goes in the grasp of her hand (or in your case, the toe section of her shoe), and his life is now tabula rasa. Love it!


    1. You gotta admit, it’s a useful hiding place for a shrinkee, especially one small enough to fit in there without causing the giantess a discomfort in walking. All he needs to do is to avoid falling underfoot, but for that he can always climb one of her toes and be safe. All tiny, safely tucked and hers, how lovely.

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