Happy Thanksgiving Day!


I had a nice Thanksgiving Day, and I hope you did as well. I ate everything on my plate, which you see above, and then I had a bit of pie. I was in terrible pain, but what else is that food there for, if not to hurt you? I remember my first Thanksgiving Day celebration here, in the United States. I was brought a dark beverage that turned out to be root beer. Never have I been served anything so foul, not before, or since. And I used to drink molasses water when I was a child. I drink green smoothies all the time now, but those are delicious, even with the heavy inclusion of fresh sprouts. But… where was I? Oh, yeah. Thanksgiving Day food. That year, or the next, I had my first taste of cranberry jelly. What the hell, people? You can’t do that to me, not without warning.

This is how it’s done:

Cranberry Apple Under-relish


  • 1 (12 oz.) package fresh cranberries (3-1/2 cups)
  • 1 cup pure maple syrup
  • 1 large orange, grated rind removed, and juice reserved
  • 2 medium apples, cored, pared, and sliced (I’ve tried Golden Delicious, but Golden Russet were also excellent)
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts, toasted


  1. In a saucepan, combine cranberries and maple syrup; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer for five minutes, or until mixture thickens. While it cools…
  2. Combine juice and grated rind from orange with apples; stir into cranberries; add the nuts.
  3. Chill to blend flavors.
  4. You’re welcome.

This year, I’ve been thankful for many things, and upset about a few. I feel both about the emails from my readers I never answered. Sure, my computer exploded (not really, it just died), and then I lost all desire to blog, but how rude of me. My blogging apathy included never deleting my emails, so don’t be frightened if you see that I’m finally answering an email you sent me in 2011. To try to make up for my rudeness, I will soon include a blog entry with a recipe for turkey soup, and instructions on how to throw away pie. I’m sick of it. I’ve had three slices, including the one I had on Thanksgiving Day, and now I can’t stand the sight of it.

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  1. Good resolution to answer forgotten emails, I doubt your readers will mind that. And an even better thing you’ve overcome your blogging apathy. :)

    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, but my time for resolutions and food will come by the 24th of December. Shame the food will mostly include fish, which I don’t necessarily like, and by fish I mean carp, which I absolutely loathe. Needless to say I don’t eat much on Christmas Eve, so instead I’ll spend this time productively thinking about what to change.

    And unpacking that shrink ray I am totally getting this year, definitely this year, yes. YES.

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    1. Thank you, Balore. There’s no telling how long it will last, this overcoming my blogging apathy. Hopefully, it will go on for a while.

      Hmm, I can’t say I’ve ever had carp, and I only have fish every once in a while. Never during Christmas, which is a time for potato salad, trifle, ham, biscuits, and the such. But as you say, the most fun will be had unpacking my growth pills. Until they take effect, I’d like to borrow your shrink ray. I can think of a few people that need to be much smaller.


      1. Come by and you’ll find it somewhere on the floor. I’ve got some shrinking to do myself, after all. When I’m done, it’s all yours. Just mind your step while you’re at it. ;)

        Let’s hope you keep blogging, it’s a joy to read your posts.

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        1. OK… I’ll be there in… 45 minutes. I just have to grow *calculating* 29,994.4 feet. I’ll get started right now, and surely be done by the evening of the 24th. See you soon!

          And thank you. :)


    1. Thank you, meremention! I have a terrible record for never thawing things I’ve frozen, and then never consuming them. I’m not even going to reveal how old some of the stuff in my freezer is. The best thing for those pies was to go away, permanently.

      Speaking of pie, I hope you make enough apple pie for all the giantesses. They say that if you leave a pie 12′ in diameter on the roof (plus a barrel of vanilla icecream), your house will be spared.


  2. How bizarre, this post didn’t show up in my WP reader… I feel badly I missed it.

    We did have a nice Thanksgiving in our combined household. A huge to-do of nearly 30 people (good luck not getting stepped on, to one such as I), huge range of food. My giantess likes to produce too much food and felt self-conscious we were only bringing a dozen appetizers plus a salad and dessert. Me, all I need is my plate o’ browns: mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and dark meat.

    Sorry to hear about the negative root beer experience. You know what I’m going to say: there are much better root beers and sarsaparillas on the market. I don’t personally have a preference as I’m seeking out the best ginger beer, and I wouldn’t spend much energy in trying to convince you to like something you know you don’t. You have full agency.

    But I’m quite unusual in that I love mince pie (not “mincemeat,” as everyone repeats to me no matter how carefully I enunciate “mince” by itself) and am not a fan of pumpkin pie. If someone makes a truly exceptional pie from scratch, of course I wouldn’t be so churlish as to decline it and I’ll probably even like it. I’m much less picky about cranberry sauce/jelly, and I used to hate stuffing but now I love it.

    I’m thankful our freedom of speech does not yet resemble that of Pyongyang’s.

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    1. Don’t feel badly! You didn’t miss it. I retro-posted it yesterday, the way I do sometimes. Back when I was blogging years ago, I’d leave a few easter-egg entries here and there. I don’t think anyone ever noticed, but it’s still fun.

      30 people! What a cute, sweet, little crowd. :) When we gather down south, we double that. There’s an insane number of us, so what else can be expected. Your day must have been fun, and I’m glad!

      Nope, I’ve tried only sniffing “better” root beers, but they all smell like shit to me. That’s the way it is with some things, and there’s nothing for it. And of course you love mince pie. To mince is to cut up food into very small pieces a tiny man can handle. Other pies are simply too much to handle. And don’t worry about those big people making fun of how you talk. It’s just how it’s going to be until you get yourself a megaphone; probably even if you do so.

      “Not yet”. Ugh. *headdrop*

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