Did I just hurl myself out of the giantess closet?

The mall. I like to go there and just walk, when it's too cold, or too dark outside. I reserve walking at Walmart for special dates. So, last night I was walking out of JCPenney when I spot this hot little number coming out of the bathroom. I'm a leg woman, and his jeans were... Continue Reading →

The Fall

She sat on the floor as she hugged the dollhouse. One leg an inverted v along the side, her other leg like a fallen tree over the front. She pressed her temple to the gable, and caressed its vent with her ear. As she listened, she stroked the pitched roof with one hand, feeling the... Continue Reading →


A couple of nights ago I went to the mall, and nothing extraordinary happened. Nothing, except my noticing a man that was sitting alone, and staring at the screen on his phone while he clicked away. He paid attention to nothing around him. Dozens of people moving in a pulsing flow, an incessant river of... Continue Reading →

The giant singer and the tiny singer

A long time ago, in a giant city far, far away from most of us, because apparently there are only three gentle-giantess fans in my entire state! What the hell! Why?! Oh, I'm so ALONE! No, I'm not. I'm never alone when I'm with all of you. But back to my blog entry. I love... Continue Reading →

The Change, by Pedro Fellini

I've given myself some time to read stories, these last few days. I used to read, and frequently. Then I allowed change to remove me from one of my favorite activities. No more. There are special people in our community that are compelled to tell their stories, and I want them to. I admire them... Continue Reading →

Death and water and spies and secret bloggers

I feel ill at ease. I can still smell the salty water on my skin, which I know is only a trick of my brain, a leftover crumb that spilled into this world from the sieve of my mind… but I don’t like it. I sit here typing, and my heart beats hard in my... Continue Reading →


I did this to you I made you what you really are And I love it I told you I would I warned you “I will shrink you,” I said And you laughed “Prove it, show me.” And I did Now come out of there Seek out the light from that pile of clothes You... Continue Reading →


She stood alone in the kitchen of her small apartment, feeling the cold seeping up and into her feet from the tile floors, through the gel floor pad. Its give did nothing to comfort her, because the ache didn’t come from her feet; it was in her heart. She thought of his words the previous... Continue Reading →

Native State

Native state in biochemistry refers to structure in molecules. In metallurgy, it has to go with metals found relatively uncombined. In my brain, it refers to that place where I belong: great heights. When I was a child, I experimented with heights all the time, much to the terror of my parents. I’ve dangled off... Continue Reading →

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