I did this to you

I made you what you really are

And I love it

I told you I would

I warned you

“I will shrink you,” I said

And you laughed

“Prove it, show me.”

And I did

Now come out of there

Seek out the light from that pile of clothes

You do not need them anymore

From this day on

You will need nothing at all

I promise

I will keep you safe

I will keep you hidden

I will keep you warm

Do not worry

No one sees us

Come out now, and climb into my hand

I am waiting

And I am not patient

Look at me, do not be afraid

You are not?

You are not

You love it

I see that you do

Rush to my hand, and hide in its fold

Leave all else

I promise

No one will take you

No one will hurt you

No one will find you

And if they do

I will hunt them

Make them into nothing

Crush them, destroy them

For you

Because you are mine

You were mine the moment I saw you

The moment you smiled

The moment you spoke

The moment you touched me

You were lost to all else

And bound to me

Come to me, little man

Disappear into me

And be gone from this world

8 thoughts on “Purity

Add yours

    1. I’m sorry to secretly reveal to you that once he’s settled into his new life, he’ll still have chores and obligations, maybe even annoying tasks… but they are all centered around her, so it will never get that bad.


        1. Every time I read your reply I draw comfort from it, as it shows me what I had begun to suspect a few weeks ago: that fans of gentle giantess aren’t as few, or as far between as I had imagined them to be. Thank you for that!


  1. Whoa… The poetry of possession. There’s an ancient flow to these words, their rhythm and insistence. The whole thing is hypnotic… I keep saying that. What other words are there? Mesmerizing, opiate. I can see a giantess chanting these words at me, and some mass like iron filings within me pulling me out from wherever I am, despite whatever I think I might do.

    Of course, there’s the rest of me that wants to fling into you and block everything else out, know nothing but you, fully subscribe to this new context with a commitment right down to the cellular level.

    This is beautiful work. The illustration is striking and appealing. It could be up for misinterpretation, or it could allude to another narrative. You do everything right, shadows in the right places, just like your prose. Wow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the beautiful comment! Everything you say, I feel. There is a cadence, a charm spell in the words I imagine I say to him. In this particular case he’s not terrified, but loves what I’ve done to him. It’s as though he knew what I’d do, and knew that I could, and now I’m rewarded with his joy.

      I still have to look into his little eyes, and tell him nothing will be the same. I have to make sure he gets it. Fully, truly gets it. It’s better that way.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. They are, aren’t they… although I think of some that can be both. I once wrote about one giantess that came from a body of water, and had an idea about another giantess and the ocean a few days ago.

    Are you still collaging?


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